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Antiquing For Dummies (1118069110) cover image

Antiquing For Dummies

ISBN: 978-1-118-06911-0
384 pages
April 2011
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PART I: The Antiquing Primer.

Chapter 1: Stalking the Wild Antique.

Chapter 2: Preparing for the Hunt: An Antiquing Plan of Action.

Chapter 3: God Save the Queen Anne: Basic Furniture Styles.

Chapter 4: Dovetails and Nails: How to Spot the Real Thing from the Fake.

PART II: Who's Got the Goods? Shopping for Antiques.

Chapter 5: Bargaining Basics: The Price Can Be Right.

Chapter 6: Meet the Dealers: Antique Shops and Shows.

Chapter 7: Sold on Auctions: Going Once, Going Twice.

Chapter 8: Cruising for Fabulous Finds: Antique Malls and Flea Markets.

Chapter 9: Doing a Little Legwork: Estate and Garage Sales, Classifieds and Cyber-Buys.

PART III: Material Possessions.

Chapter 10: Glass Conscious: Glassware and Crystal.

Chapter 11: Dishing It Out: Porcelain, Pottery, and China.

Chapter 12: The Metal Winner: Silver.

PART IV: Integrating Antiques into Your Home.

Chapter 13: Basic Decorating: Bringing the Past into Your Present.

Chapter 14: Remembrances of Repasts Past: The Kitchen and Dining Room.

Chapter 15: Parlor Pieces: Living Room Antiques.

Chapter 16: Welcome to My Boudoir: Bed and Bath Antiques.

Chapter 17: Antiques from the East: Orientalia.

Chapter 18: Antiques by the Yard: Outdoor Items.

PART V: The Care, Feeding, and Deleting of Antiques.

Chapter 19: Scratches, Spills, and Restoration Thrills.

Chapter 20: Getting Your Antiques Appraised.

Chapter 21: Selling Your Antiques.

PART VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 22: Ten Great Periodicals.

Chapter 23: Ten Essential Price Guides for Antiques.


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