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Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium All-in-One For Dummies (0470607467) cover image

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Premium All-in-One For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-60746-6
1008 pages
June 2010
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Other Available Formats: E-book

Book I: Adobe Creative Suite 5 Basics.

Chapter 1: Introducing Adobe Creative Suite 5.

Chapter 2: Using Common Menus and Commands.

Chapter 3: Exploring Common Panels.

Chapter 4: Using Common Extensions and Filters.

Chapter 5: Importing and Exporting.

Chapter 6: Handling Graphics, Paths, Text, and Fonts.

Chapter 7: Using Color.

Chapter 8: Printing Documents.

Book II: InDesign CS5.

Chapter 1: What's New in InDesign CS5.

Chapter 2: Introducing InDesign CS5.

Chapter 3: Working with Text and Text Frames.

Chapter 4: Drawing in InDesign.

Chapter 5: Understanding Page Layout.

Chapter 6: Clipping Paths, Alignment, and Object Transformation.

Chapter 7: Understanding Color and Printing.

Chapter 8: Integrating InDesign with Other Creative Suite Applications.

Chapter 9: Exporting Documents for Printing and as Graphics.

Book III: Illustrator CS5.

Chapter 1: What's New in Illustrator CS5.

Chapter 2: Discovering Illustrator CS5.

Chapter 3: Using the Selection Tools.

Chapter 4: Creating Basic Shapes.

Chapter 5: Using the Pen Tool and Placing Images.

Chapter 6: Using Type in Illustrator.

Chapter 7: Organizing Your Illustrations.

Chapter 8: Using Layers.

Chapter 9: Livening Up Illustrations with Color.

Chapter 10: Using the Transform and Distortions Tools.

Chapter 11: Working with Transparency and Special Effects Tools.

Chapter 12: Using Filters and Effects.

Chapter 13: Using Your Illustrator Images.

Book IV: Photoshop CS5.

Chapter 1: Exploring New Features in Photoshop CS5.

Chapter 2: Getting Into Photoshop CS5 Basics.

Chapter 3: Messing with Mode Matters.

Chapter 4: Creating a Selection.

Chapter 5: Using the Photoshop Pen Tool.

Chapter 6: Thinking about Resolution Basics.

Chapter 7: Creating a Good Image.

Chapter 8: Working with Painting and Retouching Tools.

Chapter 9: Using Layers.

Chapter 10: Saving Photoshop Images for Print and the Web.

Book V: Acrobat 9.0.

Chapter 1: Discovering Essential Acrobat Information.

Chapter 2: Creating PDF Files.

Chapter 3: Adding Interactivity to PDF Files.

Chapter 4: Editing and Extracting Text and Graphics.

Chapter 5: Using Commenting and Annotation Tools.

Chapter 6: Securing Your PDF Files.

Book VI: Dreamweaver CS5.

Chapter 1: Getting Familiar with New Features in Dreamweaver.

Chapter 2: Introducing Dreamweaver CS5.

Chapter 3: Creating a Web Site.

Chapter 4: Working with Images.

Chapter 5: Putting Text on the Page.

Chapter 6: Linking It Together.

Chapter 7: Creating Tables.

Chapter 8: Creating CSS Layouts.

Chapter 9: Publishing Your Web Site.

Book VII: Flash Professional CS5.

Chapter 1: Getting Started in Flash CS5.

Chapter 2: Drawing in Flash CS5.

Chapter 3: Symbols and Animation.

Chapter 4: Creating Advanced Animation.

Chapter 5: Importing Graphics and Sounds.

Chapter 6: Lights, Camera, Movie Clips!

Chapter 7: Controlling Your Movie with ActionScript.

Chapter 8: Getting Into the (Work)Flow.

Chapter 9: Publishing and Final Delivery.

Chapter 10: Working with Flash Catalyst CS5.

Book VIII: Fireworks CS5.

Chapter 1: Introducing Fireworks CS5.

Chapter 2: Free to Create.

Chapter 3: Livening Up Your Artwork with Color.

Chapter 4: Creating Text in Fireworks.

Chapter 5: Getting Images In and Out of Fireworks.

Chapter 6: Hotspots, Slices, and CSS Layouts.

Chapter 7: Using Buttons and Symbols.

Chapter 8: Don't Just Sit There — Animate!


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