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AP U.S. History For Dummies (0470391138) cover image

AP U.S. History For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-470-39113-6
408 pages
January 2009
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Part I: College Credit, Here I Come!

Chapter 1: Acing the Test for a College Credit Payday.

Chapter 2: Wringing the Highest Score out of What You Know.

Chapter 3: Psyching Yourself Up for the Big Test.

Part II: Answering the Questions: Three Kinds, Three Strategies.

Chapter 4: Going with Good Odds on Multiple-Choice Questions.

Chapter 5: Scoring Big on Document-Based Questions (DBQs).

Chapter 6: Creating Essays Teachers Love.

Part III: Early U.S. History: From Dinosaurs to the Civil War.

Chapter 7: Living on the Land: American Indians from 35,000 BCE to 1491 CE.

Chapter 8: Sailing to a New Home: 1492–1690.

Chapter 9: Growing Up and Getting Revolutionary: 1691–1775.

Chapter 10: You Say You Want a Revolution? Freedom and Change, 1776–1815.

Chapter 11: Rough and Tumble: The United States Grows Up, 1816–1845.

Chapter 12: From Sea to Shining Sea: 1846–1854.

Chapter 13: Fighting to the Death over Slavery: 1855–1865.

Part IV: U.S. History from After the Civil War to the Days of the Internet.

Chapter 14: Reconstructing and Moving Westward, 1866–1880.

Chapter 15: The U.S. Goes Big Time: 1881–1899.

Chapter 16: Into the World, Ready or Not: 1900–1919.

Chapter 17: Roaring, Soaring, and Fighting Depression: 1921–1939.

Chapter 18: Fighting for Good in World War II: 1940–1945.

Chapter 19: Cold War Wind at the Victory Dance: 1946–1960.

Chapter 20: Rockin’ with the ’60s, Rollin’ with the ’70s: 1961–1979.

Chapter 21: Leading in the Modern World: 1980–Now.

Part V: Practice Makes Perfect: Two Tests Plus the Answers.

Chapter 22: Practice Test 1: Acing the Early Names and Dates.

Chapter 23: The Answers to Practice Test 1.

Chapter 24: Practice Test 2: Cruising the Big AP toward Modern Times.

Chapter 25: The Answers to Practice Test 2.

Part VI: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 26: Ten Monster Events the AP Wants You to Know.

Chapter 27: Ten Important Social and Economic Issues in U.S. History.

Chapter 28: The Supreme Court: Ten Greatest Hits.


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