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ACT! 2000 for Windows For Dummies (0764505610) cover image

ACT! 2000 for Windows For Dummies

ISBN: 978-0-7645-0561-4
408 pages
September 1999
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PART I: Getting to Know ACT!

Chapter 1: ACT! 2000: An Overview.

Chapter 2: Getting Contacts into ACT!

Chapter 3: ACT!'s General Preferences.

Chapter 4: The Contact Window.

Chapter 5: Using Some Tabs.

Chapter 6: Defining ACT! Fields.

PART II: Using Your Database.

Chapter 7: Entering Information into Your Database.

Chapter 8: Viewing Your Contacts as a List.

Chapter 9: Adding and Removing Contacts.

PART III: Working with ACT! Contacts.

Chapter 10: Finding People in ACT!

Chapter 11: Performing AdvancedDatabase Queries.

Chapter 12: Grouping Your Contacts.

PART IV: Scheduling: A Play in Four Acts.

Chapter 13: Scheduling Your Activities.

Chapter 14: Scheduling Activities with SideACT!

Chapter 15: Using ACT!'s Calendars.

Chapter 16: Using the Task List.

PART V: Using ACT! as a Sales Tool.

Chapter 17: Creating Sales Opportunities.

Chapter 18: Managing Your Sales Opportunities.

Chapter 19: Creating Activity Series.

PART VI: Communicating with the Outside World.

Chapter 20: Using ACT!'s Telephone Features.

Chapter 21: Writing Letters.

Chapter 22: Faxing from ACT!

Chapter 23: ACT! and E-Mail.

Chapter 24: Working with Reports.

PART VII: More ACT! Features.

Chapter 25: ACT! and the Internet.

Chapter 26: Designing Layouts.

Chapter 27: Customizing ACT!

Chapter 28: Managing and Protecting Your ACT! Database.

PART VIII: The Part of Tens.

Chapter 29: At Least Ten Database Maintenance Tips.

Chapter 30: More Than Ten Technical Resources.


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