Windows 8 For Dummies Online Video Training (24 month subscription) (1118575172) cover image

With this online video training, Andy Rathbone, best­selling author of Windows 8 For Dummies, shows you step by step how to use every new feature of Windows 8. Tackle the all-new Start screen, use the Charms bar, organize and launch apps, and then connect to the Internet, manage the Windows Mail app, and add your social media accounts. Toss in networking, security, and how to manage photos, video, and music, and you have the ultimate show-and-tell ... Read More

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Windows 8.1 For Dummies, Portable Edition (1118513614) cover image

A lot is new in Windows 8! This quick guide gets you up and running right away

New and experienced Windows users alike will need help navigating the features that set Windows 8 apart from previous versions. Let this quick-and-easy guide show you around the Start screen, introduce you to the Charms bar, and help you set up your Microsoft account. Then you can install apps, add social accounts, browse the web, and more. ... Read More

Windows 7 For Dummies Book + DVD Bundle (0470523980) cover image
A terrific value-a full-size book plus video demonstrations of key Windows 7 tasks

Windows 7 is Microsoft's much-anticipated new release of the operating system that powers nearly 90% of the world's computers. This two-for-one package provides the step-by-step guidance that will get you up and running with all the exciting new features.

This bundle includes the complete Windows 7 For Dummiesbook plus a DVD with two hours of video training. Featuring ... Read More

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Windows 8 For Dummies Quick Reference (1118132432) cover image

The handy and fast reference for mastering Windows 8

This quick and easy reference is designed for all users (newbies and seasoned) who are comfortable with the Windows OS  and need a fast reference to solve a problem or navigate a new feature without context or explanation.  It will be the must-have reference for anyone using Windows 8. ... Read More

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Windows 7 For Dummies Quick Reference (0470489618) cover image

This handy reference covers all the must-know elements of Windows 7

The much-anticipated Windows 7 operating system brings lots of new elements to Windows, and you may have lots of questions. You'll find the answers quickly and easily in Windows 7 For Dummies Quick Reference - a concise, convenient reference you can keep by your PC.

Windows 7 For Dummies Quick Reference covers all the information you need most often: tips on navigating the new desktop ... Read More

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Windows 8 For Seniors For Dummies (1118120280) cover image
Help seniors get started with Windows 8 with this easy-to-understand guide!

In easy-to-follow steps, this fun and friendly guide shows you clearly how to use Windows 8. Featuring a large font that makes the book easier to read and magnified screen shots to help make the subject matter less intimidating, author Mark Justice Hinton walks you through the basics of Windows 8, so you can make the switch without a hitch. ... Read More

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Windows 8.1 For Seniors For Dummies (1118821491) cover image

Seniors, here's what you need to get up and running on Windows 8.1

Microsoft, now a little older and wiser, is back with Windows 8.1, the revamped version that brings fresh changes and welcome improvements to the Windows 8 operating system. And now you savvy seniors can get the very most out of this easier-to-use Windows 8.1 with our friendly new guide. Using large print that makes the book easier to read plus magnified screen shots to help make Windows ... Read More

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Windows 7 For Seniors For Dummies (0470509465) cover image
This easy-to-understand guide helps seniors get started with Windows 7!

Many seniors use a home computer to stay connected to family and friends. This fun and friendly guide shows how to use Windows 7, the most popular operating system pre-loaded onto personal computers and laptops, to write e-mails, connect with family via Windows Live Messenger, download pictures with Photo Gallery, and listen to music using Windows Media Player. ... Read More

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Windows 7 Just the Steps For Dummies (0470499818) cover image

Just the steps you need to get going with Windows 7!

Coming in day and date with Microsoft's exciting release of the new Window 7 operating system, this friendly, accessible book shows you the features and functions you need from this exciting new operating system. Presented in a series of numbered steps that are concise, visually clear, and easy to follow, you'll learn to navigate the Windows 7 desktop, create files, connect to the Internet, search ... Read More

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Windows 7 Para Dummies (0470523999) cover image
Straightforward, easy-to-use Windows 7 reference and guide for Spanish speakers.

Microsoft's Windows 7, the long-awaited replacement for Windows Vista has arrived, and now you can learn the basics of this new operating system with this practical guide. Understand the new user interface, set up your desktop, cover basic applications, and much more with this easy-to-follow book. Whether you're upgrading or starting fresh, this is the perfect basic reference ... Read More

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Windows 2000 Server Security For Dummies (0764504703) cover image
Even if you have only the most rudimentary understanding of networks and network capabilities, you're probably well aware of the need for effective security to protect your server from hacks, thieves, and virus writers. Microsoft also understands this, and with the arrival of Windows 2000 come oodles of security enhancements to protect your network.

Whether you are a networking neophyte or the administrator of a networking team, get the scoop on the ... Read More
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Windows 7 For Dummies eLearning Online Course (DUM131) cover image

Whether you're new to PCs or just upgraded to the newest version of Microsoft's operating system, this online course will help you get comfortable using all aspects of Windows 7. If you've never used Windows before, we'll start you at the beginning. If you're already familiar with earlier versions of Windows, you can speed through the basics to dive into Windows 7's new features and learn advanced techniques.

Windows For Tablets For Dummies (1118329589) cover image
Just for you--Windows 8 from the tablet user's perspective

If you're an experienced Windows user, you don't need a guide to everything that Windows 8 can do, just to those tools and functions that work on your tablet. And so here it is. This new book zeros in on what you need to know to work best on your tablet with Windows 8. Topics include navigating the new Windows 8 interface and how it works on a touchscreen, how to safely connect to the Internet ... Read More

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Windows Vista All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies (0471749419) cover image
With Vista, Windows has had an extreme makeover. Many of the features that were old friends in Windows XP now look and act differently. And if you’re thinking of upgrading to Vista but haven’t done it yet, wow — there are eight different versions! How do you know which one to choose?

That’s easy — look in Book One of Windows Vista All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies. Windows expert Woody Leonhard starts off this everything-you-want-to-know-about ... Read More

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Windows Vista For Dummies (0471754218) cover image
Create music CDs and photo DVDs or even watch TV

Move your files to a new computer, or get your old PC ready for Vista

The thing that's made Windows For Dummies so successful is that it's packed with the basics you need to make Windows work. This book gets you through all the Windows Vista tasks and tripwires, including starting programs, finding files, navigating the new see-through interface, staying safe while you cruise the Internet, and much more ... Read More

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Windows Vista For Dummies DVD (DUM66) cover image

This is your indispensable guide to Windows Vista! Get all the tips and tricks of Vista with this Windows Vista for Dummies DVD. This easy to follow program gives you step by step instructions and visual demonstrations to quickly grasp the everyday tasks all Vista users need to know. Based on the bestselling Windows Vista For Dummies book, this DVD demonstrates how to navigate and organize your files; block Internet viruses and hackers; create music, photo, and movie CDs and DVDs; back up your files; and more! Join technology correspondent Omar Wasow as he guides you through getting the most out of Vista.

Windows Vista For Dummies, Special DVD Bundle (0470121033) cover image
Included in this unique Dummies DVD bundle:

A specially created FREE video DVD, a $9.98 value, that walks you through the screens and tasks you’ll confront in Vista. With clear narration and step-by-step instructions linked to actions on the screen, you will find it’s like having a computer expert right beside you, making everything clearer and a lot less intimidating.

The accompanying book is the popular Windows Vista For Dummies bestseller, priced ... Read More

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Windows Vista Timesaving Techniques For Dummies (0470053682) cover image
Speed up your PC, search smarter, and secure your data

* Customizing Vista for the way you work

Launching your most-used programs and finding files fast

Making the most of the new interface and search functions

Taking advantage of Internet Explorer? and Firefox?

Installing and securing a wireless network

Protecting your PC with Vista's improved security features ... Read More
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Windows Vista Security For Dummies (0470118059) cover image
Windows Vista is beefed up with plenty of new security features to help you deflect spyware, malware, and identity thieves. But unless you know how to use these powerful tools, all you’ll get is frustration. So arm yourself with Vista Security For Dummiesand discover your right to Rights Management, what Windows Security Center provides, and how to toughen up your defenses.

This indispensable guide shows you how to slam your Windows shut on vulnerabilities ... Read More

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Windows XP For Dummies, 2nd Edition (0764573268) cover image
Windows is the world’s most popular operating system, and Windows For Dummies is the bestselling computer book ever. When you look at Windows XP For Dummies, 2ndEdition, it’s easy to see why. Here’s all the stuff you want to know, served up in plain English and seasoned with a few chuckles. But make no mistake, this book means business.

Author Andy Rathbone listened to what you wanted to know, and this edition is loaded with additional information ... Read More

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Windows XP All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, 2nd Edition (0764574639) cover image
Windows is the number one operating system in the world.  There’s a lot to Windows XP, with office productivity applications, multimedia features, the Internet, and security upgrades. Now and then, you probably wish you could call Tech Support.

That’s when you’ll be grateful to have nine books about Windows XP in one — Windows XP All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies, Second Edition.  It replaces a whole shelf of reference books and covers ... Read More

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Windows 2000 Administration For Dummies (076450682X) cover image
As millions of network administrators around the world upgrade to Windows 2000 -- or install it initially -- Windows 2000 Administration For Dummies is sure to help them set up and maintain the best networking environment for their needs. Written in plain English, this indispensable resource for network administrators covers setting up Active Directory, managing users and printers, establishing security, and troubleshooting network problems. ... Read More
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Windows 98 For Dummies : Quick Reference (0764502549) cover image
Feeling a little overwhelmed by all the hype and hysteria surrounding the release of Microsoft's Windows 98? Looking for a clear, concise guide to all things 98, where you can find what you want quickly and efficiently, without having to search through long-winded manuals the size of big-city telephone books? Let your fingers do the walking through the facets and features of Windows 98 with Windows 98 For Dummies Quick Reference, the fast and friendly ... Read More