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How to Insert a Movie from the Clip Organizer into a PowerPoint 2007 Slide

By Doug Lowe

If you have movie clips stored on your computer, PowerPoint lets you insert the movie from the Clip Organizer into a PowerPoint slide. To add a movie from the Clip Organizer into your PowerPoint presentation:


1Click the down arrow next to the Movie button in the Media Clips group and choose Movie From Clip Organizer.

This calls up the Clip Art task pane to display movies that you can access from the Clip Organizer.


2Click the arrow next to the movie and choose Preview/Properties.

This opens the Preview/Properties dialog box.

3Review the movie.

Make sure it’s the one you want.


4Close the Preview/Properties dialog box and click the movie in the Clip Art task pane.

This inserts your movie into your presentation.