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  • A Brief History of the Poodle

    Many people look at Poodles and think "froufrou," when in reality the Poodle was bred as a working farm dog. To understand more of the Poodle's background, here's a history of the beginnings of the breed [more…]

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  • Feeding Your Poodle Wisely

    Giving your Poodle a bite of your bologna and white bread sandwich isn't the best food choice, but the occasional splurge won't hurt. Rich sauces and gravies, however, although not poisonous, can upset [more…]

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  • Choosing a Healthy Poodle

    No matter where your Poodle comes from, she should be healthy. You may feel sorry for the sick puppy in the corner, but don't take her home. Start with a healthy Poodle, and look for the following: [more…]

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  • Picturing a Poodle's Size and Temperament

    The Poodle is considered one breed, with three "varieties" within the breed. Except for the size difference, each variety is identical to the rest. No matter what the size, a Poodle is an intelligent, [more…]

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  • Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Pet

    You and your veterinarian work together to keep your pet healthy, and you want to have a good working relationship. Choosing a reputable veterinarian requires your time and attention. [more…]

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  • Finding an Ideal Dog Kennel

    The best way to find the right kennel for your dog is to visit the boarding kennels in your area before you need one. The day you drop off your dog is not the time to discover dirty conditions or broken [more…]

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  • Clipping Your Poodle

    Your Poodle needs to be clipped on a regular schedule — whether you do the clipping yourself or pay a professional. Any clips other than the required show-ring clips are [more…]

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  • Bulldogs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    As a Bulldog person, you want to get your pet from a reputable breeder, and knowing the right questions to ask gets you on your way. Once you have a Bulldog, you want to start a good relationship with [more…]

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  • Identifying Items Poisonous to Your Bulldog

    Many common household items are poisonous to Bulldogs. You may think that your Bulldog can’t reach or find the items in the following lists, but check your cupboards to make sure. It’s amazing what Bulldogs [more…]

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  • Tending to Your Bulldog's Health

    A Bulldog isn't high maintenance, but she does need more care than you may think. The Bully doesn't have a lot of thick, fluffy undercoat to worry about, but Bulldogs do need care. [more…]

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  • How to Recognize Emergency Situations for Your Bulldog

    You want to keep your Bulldog happy and healthy, so you have to pay attention to her health issues. A fast trip to your veterinarian or local pet hospital is necessary if any of the following situations [more…]

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  • Questions to Ask a Bulldog Breeder

    When looking for a Bulldog puppy, find a reputable breeder. You want a breeder with experience in breeding Bulldogs in particular, and someone who is giving pups a good start so they are healthy, well-bred [more…]

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  • Poodles For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    Poodles are known for their keen intelligence and excellent trainability, and, most notably, those signature curly locks. But there's more to the Poodle than meets the eye. Learn some of the Poodle breed's [more…]

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  • Poodle Personality Traits

    All Poodles should be lively, friendly dogs who get along well with other dogs and with people — and every dog has his own unique personality. The following list presents the different personality traits [more…]

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  • Getting to Know the Bulldog Personality

    Bulldogs possess behavioral quirks specific to their breed that you should seriously consider before you invest in one of the breed. If any of the traits mentioned in this article doesn't fit your lifestyle [more…]

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  • What to Ask During Your Bulldog’s First Vet Visit

    A good veterinarian discusses standard issues with you when you take your Bulldog for his first checkup, but knowing what to discuss beforehandhelps you cover everything you need to know about your Bulldog [more…]

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