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  • Some Tough Questions Associated with Linguistics

    The problems posed by linguistics can make you notice really cool things about language. You’ve probably asked yourself these questions without even realizing that they’re linguistic questions. [more…]

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  • Linguistics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. Linguists gather information about sounds and sound patterns, about words and word patterns. They look at how words form sentences and how language [more…]

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  • Big Names in Linguistics

    If you’re into linguistics, it’s important to be familiar with the founding linguists. Here are some of the big thinkers — and some of their important ideas — from ancient times to today: [more…]

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  • Using Linguistics to Make Up Languages

    There are about 6,000 human languages currently spoken. You would think that would be enough, but some brave souls feel the need to make up new languages from scratch. These constructed languages are sometimes [more…]

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  • What Do Linguists Do?

    Many linguists are academics — studying languages for their own sake — but a lot of others work for government organizations, including the military, or for nonprofits documenting and revitalizing languages [more…]

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