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  • GIS Map Characteristics to Keep in Mind

    Your GIS (geographic information system) is very handy and a great navigation tool, but what you see on the GIS screen isn't necessarily what the actual terrain looks like. As you use your GIS, remember [more…]

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  • Types of GIS Output

    You know that your GIS (geographic information system) provides maps — that's its basic function and probably the reason you bought it. But a GIS offers more than maps, and the following list includes [more…]

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  • What You Can Do with GIS

    With GIS (geographic information system) you can do all sorts of geography-related stuff — find places, of course, but also find the best place to locate your business, among other things. The following [more…]

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  • Grid-Based GIS Map Functions

    If your GIS (geographic information system) is grid-based, you have access to some cool, algebra-based functions. The following table shows the functions, where they work, and what you can do with each [more…]

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  • GIS For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    A GIS (geographical information system) is a fun and functional piece of equipment that offers maps, and so much more! You can analyze terrain and compare maps, keeping in mind the fact that the map you [more…]

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