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  • Bringing Your New Bird Home

    The day you bring your bird home is the day the world changes for you both. For you, this is the grand moment when all your research and admiration of birds suddenly becomes quite real. [more…]

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  • Choosing Your Bird: The Best Birds for Beginners

    When it comes to birds, too many people get in over their heads, choosing a pet who's too large, too loud, too expensive — and ultimately, too much to handle. If your list of potential birds includes only [more…]

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  • Potty Training Your Bird

    One of the less pleasant aspects of sharing your life with a bird is dealing with the droppings. When the droppings land on the paper at the bottom of the cage, that's fine, but nobody likes cleaning droppings [more…]

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  • Problem-Solving Troublesome Bird Behaviors

    You've had your bird a while now. You've perfected his cage and environment to make sure that happy. And you've trained him to make him accept your role as boss. Now, you can start to work on his individual [more…]

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  • Selecting a Perch for Your Bird

    Gravity being what it is, even a creature made for flying spends a lot of time on his feet. And considering the need to keep wings trimmed for safety, pet birds spend even more time on their feet than [more…]

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  • Teaching Your Bird the Step-Up Command

    "Step up," or just plain "Up," is the most important command you teach your bird. When you ask your bird to perform this motion, he should step up onto whatever you're offering, be it your finger [more…]

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  • Understanding Common Household Dangers for Your Bird

    Birds are hardy creatures in many ways, survivors both in the evolution game — where they boast residency in nearly every ecological niche — and in the challenging role of sharing their lives with humans [more…]

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  • What to Buy for Your New Bird

    Buying a bird and setting it up in a new, happy home can be a big investment, but you don't need to purchase much of the gear some retailers suggest. Some of the products out there are more than unnecessary [more…]

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  • Signs of a Healthy Pet Bird

    Too often, bird-owners fail to notice early clues of illness because their pets are particularly skilled at hiding these signs. You need to know what's normal for your bird so that you can spot changes [more…]

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  • Schedule of Routine Care to Ensure a Bird's Good Health

    Putting yourself on a schedule is a great way to make sure your bird's basic needs are covered. While your avian veterinarian may have specific recommendations for your bird, here's a general outline of [more…]

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  • Birds For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    Pet birds are intelligent, affectionate, and rewarding companions. No matter what species of bird you choose, you need to set up a happy home for him with the right stuff. You also need to keep your bird [more…]

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