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  • The Discovery of Helium

    Upon its discovery by French astronomer Pierre J. C. Janssen in 1868, helium was thought to exist on the sun, but not here on the earth. As he was observing a solar eclipse in India, Janssen noticed a [more…]

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  • Inorganic Chemistry For Dummies Cheat Sheet

    Inorganic chemistry deals with all the elements of the periodic table. For this reason it’s extremely useful in understand the world around you, everything from the chemistry interstellar space, planets [more…]

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  • Important Chemistry Terms

    There are many words and terms that are specific to chemistry, in this case inorganic chemistry. Here is a list of some of the most common and most interesting terms you need to know. [more…]

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  • Modern Marvels Due to Inorganic Chemistry

    Since the dawn of human kind, materials have played a pivotal role to our existence. The ability to make housing to fend off bad weather and wet conditions, for example, certainly made living much easier [more…]

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  • The Periodic Table

    The table is like a shelf that is used to organize all the elements found in nature, and some that are man-made even. It is useful because it arranges each element into a box, sort of like how you arrange [more…]

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  • The Discovery of Oxygen

    Oxygen was discovered by Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1772. He discovered that by heating mercuric oxide, a gas (later identified as oxygen) formed. Scheele called the gas [more…]

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