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These Legs Were Made for Biking and Walking

The greenest alternative to vehicle use is to walk or ride a bicycle to your destination, which gives you both health benefits and green-living points. Even if your destination is out of range for your [more…]

How to Get Your Kids Out and Exercising

Sure, getting your child physical helps balance calories. But it also helps develop coordination and self-confidence. Diet and exercise habits that start now are more likely to follow your child into adulthood [more…]

A Pre-Ride Bike Inspection Checklist

Before you head out for your next ride, take a few minutes to do a quick bike inspection. Giving your bike the once-over can increase the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of your next ride. Follow these [more…]

Cycling For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Riding a bicycle is a magnificent thing to do. Cycling is good for your health, your purse, your community and your planet. Turning over the pedals is always fun, but some things are handy to know so that [more…]

Ten Reasons to Ride a Bicycle

Quite possibly, a million good reasons to ride a bicycle exist, and you will likely share many of them in this article's comments. But to keep this article from getting too long, here are the current ten [more…]

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