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Judo at the 2012 London Summer Olympics

The Judo events at the 2012 London Olympics take place at ExCeL London (Exhibition Centre London) from July 28 through August 3. There are seven weight classes for both men’s and women’s events: extra [more…]

London 2012: Preparing for the Summer Olympic Games

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games have been eagerly awaited across the world. Having battled it out with nine other cities to win the Olympic bid, and with costs reaching the mind-boggling realm of £24 billion [more…]

The Olympics: London's History as a Three-Time Host

London 2012 isn't the first time the English capital has played host to the Olympic Games. Since the beginning of the modern Olympics in 1896 in Athens, Greece, the Games have taken place in London twice [more…]

Fencing Events in the Summer Olympics

Although it might not be quite as exciting as the to-the-death duels you see in swashbuckling movies, Olympic fencing is quite an intense and dramatic sport in its own right. The basic goal of fencing [more…]


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