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Olympic Sports

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Alpine Skiing in the Winter Olympics

Alpine skiing is one of the most popular sports in the Winter Olympics and gets a large portion of the television coverage. Winning in alpine skiing is a based on two things: speed and staying on the right [more…]

Biathlon in the Winter Olympics

Biathlon is one of the most challenging of all the Winter Olympics sports. The biathlon requires athletes to have both stamina and precision as they compete in a cross country skiing race that is interrupted [more…]

The Bobsleigh Events in the Winter Olympics

Bobsleigh, or bobsled, is the NASCAR of the Winter Olympics. In this sport, teams of racers careen down an ice-covered track protected only by sleigh as they crash through the turns. Bobsleigh has been [more…]

Understanding Olympic Curling

Many Americans consider curling to be one of the most unusual Olympic events. However, the sport is gaining in popularity every year. Curling is a cross between shuffleboard on ice and bowling. Many people [more…]

The Figure Skating Competitions at the Winter Olympics

The figure skating event at the Winter Olympics tends to be one of the most controversial of all the winter sports. The scoring in Olympic figure skating is subjective, so there are always different opinions [more…]

Freestyle Skiing at the Winter Olympics

Freestyle skiing is one of the X-game events of the Winter Olympics. In freestyle skiing, competitors perform in a variety of events that go beyond just going from the top of the hill to the bottom. Freestyle [more…]

Ice Hockey at the Winter Olympics

Ice hockey has been part of the Olympics since the summer Olympics of 1920. Ice hockey is a hugely popular sport in many parts of the world and North America in particular. Because the official rules for [more…]

Understanding the Nordic Combined at the Winter Olympics

The Nordic Combined event in the Winter Olympics combines the best of both ski jumping and cross-country. This sport looks for the best overall athlete — one that has the strength and control required [more…]

Short Track Speed Skating at the Winter Olympics

Short track speed skating is the North American version of speed skating. Short track skating competitions originated in Canada and the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. Although it has [more…]

Ski Jumping Events at the Winter Olympics

In Olympic ski jumping competitions, the skiers glide down a steep hill and up over a bump. This abrupt bump at the end of the hill propels the jumper into the air at speeds around 90 kilometers per hour [more…]

Snowboarding Events at the Winter Olympics

The massive air time and amazing tricks make snowboarding a crowd favorite at the Winter Olympics. This homegrown, American sport combines the body style of surfing with the acrobatics of skateboarding [more…]

Alpine Skiing Medal Favorites at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Before you begin watching the alpine skiing events at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, you’ll want to know who the medal favorites are. The best way to gauge who might the medals at the Olympics in alpine [more…]

Biathlon Medal Favorites at the 2010 Winter Olympics

If you're watching the biathlon events at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, you might want to know who the medal favorites are before the races begin. The best way to gauge who might medal at the Olympics [more…]

Bobsleigh Medal Favorites at the 2010 Olympics

Going into the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the countries with the strongest bobsleigh teams are Switzerland and Germany — but host country Canada is hoping to break into the medals as well. The United [more…]

Cross-Country Skiing Medal Favorites at the 2010 Olympics

The Olympic favorites in cross-country skiing have been tearing up the world cup circuit this year. Cross-country skiing is one of the hallmark sports of the Winter Olympics. However, it is a relatively [more…]

Freestyle Skiing Medal Favorites at the 2010 Winter Olympic

Freestyle skiing is one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports to watch. You can count on the medal favorites to deliver amazing performances. Team USA has traditionally dominated the freestyle events [more…]

2010 Winter Olympics: Ice Hockey Medal Favorites

The ice hockey games at the Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010 are among the most anticipated events. Ice hockey is probably the most Canadian of sports and at Vancouver, the Canadian men and women are [more…]

2010 Winter Olympics: Luge Medal Favorites

In the Winter Olympics, the Germans are always expected to win gold in the luge. They have dominated the sport for over ten years. Truthfully, there are only a few countries that have ever medaled in luge [more…]

2010 Winter Olympics: Nordic Combined Medal Favorites

The Nordic Combined event has always been dominated by the northern Europeans. This year the Nordic Combined Olympic medal favorites include the athletes from the Norway, Germany, Sweden, and Russia, but [more…]

2010 Winter Olympics: Short Track Speed Skating Medal Favorites

Short track speed skating medal favorites like Apolo Anton Ohno have helped bring this sport into the main stream. The fast action and frequent lead changes makes short track speed skating particularly [more…]

2010 Winter Olympics: Skeleton Medal Favorites

To win an Olympic medal at skeleton, you need to be fearless. The medal favorites in the sport are typically USA, Canada, German and Switzerland. The USA has won more Olympic medals than any other country [more…]

2010 Winter Olympics: Ski Jumping Medal Favorites

The Norwegians and Northern Europeans are the medal favorites in Olympic ski jumping. This isn't a sport that's ever — pardon the pun — taken off in America, so neither the U.S.A. or Canada has really [more…]

2010 Winter Olympics: Snowboarding Medal Favorites

The young sport of snowboarding has grown into one of the most popular sports in the Winter Olympics. The American team is among the medal favorites. But they’re not alone. There’ll be strong snowboarders [more…]

2010 Winter Olympics: Speed Skating Medal Favorites

Speed skating has always been one of the most popular Winter Olympic events. Before the games begin, take a look at some of the athletes expected to win in Vancouver. The competition is fierce — because [more…]

Speed Skating Competitions at the Winter Olympics

Speed skating began in Holland hundreds of years ago as simply a method of transportation. By the 1800’s, the sport had spread across Northern Europe and to the United States. Thanks to its popularity, [more…]


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