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How to Read the Break and Grain of a Golf Green

When you evaluate a golf green that you're going to play, you need to consider the break and the grain of the course. The break is the amount a putt moves from right to left, or left to right, on a green [more…]

How to Use Plumb-Bobbing in Golf

Plumb-bobbing is all about determining where vertical is so that you can see how much break a putt will have. Plumb-bobbing shows the general slope of the green from your ball to the hole. [more…]

How to Chip a Shot in Golf

In golf, chips are short shots played around the greens with any golf club from a 5-iron to a sand wedge. The basic idea is to get the ball on the green and rolling as soon as you can. If you get the ball [more…]

How to Use a Pitch Shot in Golf

Pitch shots in golf, which you play with only your wedges and 9-iron, require some wrist action. So, when you make a pitch shot, you need to figure out how long your swing should be and how fast. [more…]

How to Hit a Golf Ball That's Buried in Sand

Unfortunately, when you hit your golf ball into a bunker (a golf course hazard filled with sand, also called a sand trap), sometimes the ball plugs (embeds itself in the sand so that only part of it is [more…]

How to Avoid Skying Your Tee Shot in Golf

The skyed tee shot — when the ball goes higher than it goes forward — is a common golfing sight. You usually sky a tee shot by hitting on the top part of the driver, causing an ugly mark to appear [more…]

How to Stop Yourself from Slicing the Golf Ball

Most golfers slice, which means that the ball starts to the left of the target and finishes well to the right. Slicing probably stems from the fact that most players tend to aim to the right of their target [more…]

How to Correct a Hook in Your Golf Swing

Golfers prone to hooks (shots that start right and finish left) tend to have too much hand action and not enough body movement in their golf swings. This drill can help you correct the problem if you tend [more…]

How to Put Some Power in Your Golf Shot

Everyone in the world would like more distance on the ball when they make a golf swing. Some simple tricks can to help you add yardage your to golf shots: [more…]

How to Hit Out of Divots on a Golf Course

Your golf ball occasionally finishes in a hole made by someone who previously hit a shot from the same spot and forgot to replace the grass. These holes are known as [more…]

How to Hit a Golf Ball in Strong Winds

When conditions are rough on the golf course because of high wind, scores go up. You have to be ready for that occurrence. If you're facing strong winds on the course, don’t panic if you start off badly [more…]

How to Play Golf in the Rain

Playing golf in the rain creates a number of challenges. A golf course changes significantly in the rain. You need to adjust your game accordingly. When you plan to play in the rain, be [more…]

How to Warm Up Your Body for Golf

Warm-ups are important before you play a game of golf. Not only do a few simple exercises loosen your muscles and help your swing, but they also help you psychologically, as well. Feeling loose rather [more…]

How to Improve Your Golf Game with a Few First-Tee Strategies

The best golf players start every round with a plan for how they’re going to approach the course. This brief overview of “tactical golf” gives you three common situations; you’ll come across each one at [more…]

How to Effectively Practice Your Golf Game

Nearly half of high-handicap golfers don’t practice. You can’t expect to improve your golf game if you don’t put some time in. Practice can be fun. You can modify the schedule to fit your goals and your [more…]

How to Follow Proper Golf Etiquette

In golf, unlike almost any of the trash-talking sports you can watch on TV, sportsmanship is paramount. Golf is an easy game to cheat at, so every player is on his or her honor. But golf also has its own [more…]

How to Use the Golf Handicap System

The United States Golf Association constructed the handicap system to level the playing field for everyone. Golf handicap calculations use an esoteric system of “course rating” and something called “slope” [more…]

How to Keep Score during a Golf Game

Scoring in golf allows you to easily see how you’re doing. Every course you play has a score card that tells you each hole’s length, its par, and its rating relative to the other holes. You fill in your [more…]

How to Play Penalty Shots in Golf

Penalty shots are an unfortunate part of every golfer’s life. You may find yourself in a variety of penalty situations during a game of golf. Here are the most common ones: [more…]

Online Golf Course Guides

You can take a virtual tour of about a zillion golf courses. Web sites carry descriptions, layouts, and score cards for countless golf courses around the world. From the comfort of your own desk chair, [more…]

How to Improve Your Game with Golf Simulators

Electronic golf simulators have gotten so good that they’re almost as much fun as the real thing. What really sets simulators apart from all other virtual versions of golf is that you get to swing a club [more…]

How to Find a Golf Organization

Wherever you live, you can probably find a golf organization in your area. Some states are more golf-oriented than others, but you’ll find golf schools all over the country — and all over the world. [more…]

How to Establish Your Golf Swing Plane

The swing plane, at its most basic, is the path your golf club’s shaft follows when you swing. Swing plane can get complicated — especially if you want to cover all the possible variations in the plane [more…]

How to Find Golf Gear Online

Cyberspace offers a plethora of great golf pro shops selling golf-related gear. Every major manufacturer (and even some unusual minor ones) has a presence on the Web, so don’t hesitate to check out such [more…]

Medal Favorites in Curling at the 2010 Winter Olympics

Curling is a sport that's gaining in popularity around the country and, in fact, American teams are often among the medal favorites in the Winter Olympics. These are the teams that stand out as medal hopefuls [more…]

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