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Betting Against Other Bettors

Before the advent of parimutuel wagering, horse race betting was done with bookmakers. Bookmakers, also known as bookies, are essentially businesspeople that handle gambling bets — mainly on horse racing [more…]

Making the Season Memorable

A child's experience in organized soccer can be a defining moment in her young life. Years from now, she isn't going to remember her team's record or how many goals she scored during the season, but she'll [more…]

Discovering What Makes Formula One, Formula One

In racing terms, "formula" implies a pure racing car, a single-seater with open wheels — a format largely unconnected with, and unrecognisable from, road cars. Formula [more…]

Breaking Camp

When breaking camp, be sure to restore the site as close to its natural appearance as possible. Taking down camp should be done according to the following guidelines to ensure everything goes smoothly: [more…]

Finding the Wind's Direction

The world of sailing revolves around the wind. Your boat can't go anywhere without wind (unless you fire up the engine, which, at this point, would be cheating). [more…]

Ascending Slowly While Scuba Diving

When you're ready to end a dive, do the following:

1. Signal your buddy and begin the ascent together.

2. Begin your ascent when you still have sufficient air remaining in your tank. [more…]

Assisting Your Young, Befuddled Baseball Players

As your season moves along, most of your players will learn new skills, make improvements, and have a lot of fun. However, some of your kids may not develop a comfort level with certain basics of the game [more…]

A Week in the Life of a Formula One Driver

We all like to think that driving a racing car flat-out would be easy, but it isn't, even if you have heaps of talent. A modern-day Formula One driver has to work very hard if he's going to win a race. [more…]

A Few Dramatic Tour de France Moments

Sudden, spectacular moments make the Tour de France what it is. Racing can change in an instant, whether from a rider's quick acceleration, an unseen obstacle in the road, or a cyclist's unscripted emotional [more…]

Parenting Your School-Age Hockey Player

Parents of school-age hockey players and other child athletes must uphold a code of behavior, especially when they attend games and practices. The Canadian Hockey Association says that setting a good example [more…]

These Legs Were Made for Biking and Walking

The greenest alternative to vehicle use is to walk or ride a bicycle to your destination, which gives you both health benefits and green-living points. Even if your destination is out of range for your [more…]

Running a Liveaboard Checklist Prior to Scuba Diving

Liveaboards come in all kinds of shapes and sizes: monohulls, catamarans, and trimarans, from less than 30 feet to over 100.

A lot of the most modern boats were designed and built to be liveaboard dive [more…]

Preparing for Coaching Practice

One unspoken fear that holds many parents back from volunteering to coach youngsters is uncertainty about how to organize and run an efficient practice session for kids. That's a shame, too, because putting [more…]

How to Get Your Kids Out and Exercising

Sure, getting your child physical helps balance calories. But it also helps develop coordination and self-confidence. Diet and exercise habits that start now are more likely to follow your child into adulthood [more…]

Surviving NASCAR's Initial Inspection

Long before drivers go to drivers' meetings or teams put the final touches on their racecars, their cars must be approved to race by NASCAR officials. Throughout race weekend, NASCAR inspects cars to see [more…]

Passing: A NASCAR Art

One of the most obvious strategies in NASCAR racing is to pass as many cars as you can by coming up on either the right or left side of the car in front [more…]

Making Night Dives While Scuba Diving

The key to selecting a scuba diving destination is to honestly evaluate your skills and ask questions. Whether it's a liveaboard or a resort, ask the booking agent or the management exactly what you can [more…]

Determining a Starting Lineup As Coach

When putting together your starting lineup(the kids who are playing in the game first), bear in mind that you usually have more kids on the roster (a listing of all the kids on your team) than can play [more…]

Positions on a Girls' Lacrosse Team

One of the significant differences between girls' and boys' lacrosse is that more players take the field in a regulation game on a girls' team. The following are the positions in the girls' game and the [more…]

History of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

The history of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) dates back to the Olympics of ancient Greece. Mixed Martial Arts fights originated as hand-to-hand combat performed as a sport called [more…]

Positioning Skill Sets of MMA Fighting

Although Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a blend of different styles and disciplines, you can break down the skill sets into two main categories: stand-up fighting and ground fighting. [more…]

Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Styles

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting styles can be a mixture of any combative discipline, but some of the prominent types of MMA fighting styles that have helped make it what it is today include: [more…]

Rules of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

The rules of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) differ slightly from one promotion to the next because each fighting organization can create unique rules. For example, the regulations for the [more…]

Promoting Mixed Martial Arts through Fighting Competitions

Fighting promotions are events put on by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) organizations, and each one has its own rules and regulations. Although most fighting promotions use the rules outlined in the [more…]

What Are Some Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts Fighting?

So you’re gung-ho and ready to begin your Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, but your loved ones question the benefits of MMA fighting and try to hold you back or dampen your interest. They may equate [more…]


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