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Placing a Straight Bet on a Horse Race

Straight bets are the simplest kinds of lets you can place, if you're betting on a horse race. A straight bet means that you're betting on a single horse to do one good thing for you. [more…]

Tour de France: Time Trials, Mountains Stages, Prologues, and More

Despite its century steeped in tradition, one great appeal of the Tour de France is its flexibility. Organizers arrange the course as they choose, but always with a plan to include a balance of most of [more…]

Outfoxing a Lefty on the Tennis Court

Lefties are a real pain in the neck for righties on the tennis court. Left-handed players enjoy certain natural advantages. The biggest one is that for reasons nobody can really explain — at least not [more…]

Picking Up Hockey Tips from the Pros

The best way to pick up any sport, and to get better, is to listen to the professionals and learn what they do. Here's what two of the best have to say on the subjects of passing and face-offs. [more…]

Steering (and Riding In) a Sailboat

All sailboats have a rudder, an underwater movable fin that turns the boat. This rudder is attached to either a long stick (tiller) or a wheel that you use to steer. In this article, you'll discover the [more…]

Halftime Talks: Knowing Your Players' Personalities

Why do basketball coaches yell at halftime? Why do they throw things? [more…]

Picking and Choosing Your Marathon

Selecting your marathon may be simple for you because you want to run the one that your town hosts every year. But remarkably, many marathoners travel across the country [more…]

Modeling Good Sportsmanship as a Coach

As a youth basketball coach, teaching kids the importance of good sportsmanship can be challenging. What makes teaching (and modeling) good sportsmanship particularly tricky is that youngsters are bombarded [more…]

Presenting Your Coaching Philosophy to Parents

Presenting your coaching philosophy to parents makes you an approachable and likeable coach. Let the parents know before the first practice how you're approaching the season and what you want your focus [more…]

Getting Equipped to Play Baseball

When you take the baseball field, you should take along the best equipment available. You don't need to spend vast sums to purchase top-quality accessories as long as you know what to look for and where [more…]

Using eBay to Find Outdoor Supplies on the Cheap

Getting into the swing of summer happening is a cinch at eBay. You can always find great bargains on pool supplies, patio furniture, and (especially in the winter) patio heaters. Prices — even including [more…]

Discovering Great Places to Play Basketball

Although astronauts don't play basketball on the moon — the low force of gravity there would make for a fun game — hoops is played almost everywhere else. In prison yards. On ships. Chevy Chase's Fletch [more…]

Protecting Your Ears While Scuba Diving

The following tips can help you protect your ears when you are scuba diving: [more…]

Checking Out Formula One Clothing

From the early years of the Formula One world championship, it became obvious that improvements to safety would not just depend on the design of cars and circuits. Racing drivers began to realize that [more…]

Coaching with Constructive Criticism

So what do you say when you feel it's necessary to offer some "constructive criticism" to your athlete?

What do you say to the child who has become a bit of a [more…]

Swimming with Sea Turtles while Scuba Diving

Turtles, sea snakes, one kind of lizard, and a crocodile make up the marine reptiles. By far, the most commonly encountered by scuba divers are the marine turtles, although six of the seven species of [more…]

Understanding the Tour de France and the Strategies

Condensed to its basic premise, the Tour de France is a simple athletic contest: The cyclist who completes a strenuous and often perilous course of more than 2,000 miles in the lowest total time wins. [more…]

The First Practice: Kicking Off Your Season

Encountering a shark in the ocean, a rattlesnake in the grass, and an IRS agent at your front door are all terrifying experiences. However, you don't need to add [more…]

Stepping onto the Lacrosse Field as Coach

Seeing kids running up and down the lacrosse field with smiles on their faces, watching them learn and improve skills, and helping them develop a love of lacrosse make all those hours you volunteer worthwhile [more…]

Getting to Know the League You're In

Youth soccer leagues around the country are as different as the millions of kids who strap on shin guards to play in them. You can find outdoor and indoor leagues. Numbers go from 4-on-4 to 11-on-11 leagues [more…]

Balancing Parenting and Coaching

Being a parent is a difficult job, but here's a surprise: Coaching your son or daughter's soccer team is equally tricky. After you step inside the white lines, and your child straps on the shin guards, [more…]

Getting a Little Help from Your (Running) Friends

If you think you'll have trouble staying motivated to run the mileage required to race a successful marathon — or if you simply find yourself getting bored on your runs — consider finding a training companion [more…]

Meeting the NASCAR Team

You may not think of stock-car racing as a team sport — racing certainly seems like an individual sport, considering all the attention a driver gets. But while a driver is arguably the most important part [more…]

Hockey Substitutions: Deciding Who Plays

Hockey teams may dress no more than 18 players, excluding goalies, for each game. A list of all eligible players must be given to the referee or official scorer beforehand, and after that no roster changes [more…]

Tailoring Your Football Coaching Goals to an Age Group

Every child on your team is different in so many ways. Some are gifted runners, others can make dazzling catches, and some struggle simply to grasp the basic techniques of the game. Regardless of the strengths [more…]


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