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Developing a Fast Break Offense in Basketball

To fast break means simply to push the ball upcourt before the defense has a chance to set up. The key to running an effective fast break is to get the ball to the middle of the floor [more…]

How the Football Season Is Set Up

The American football season is different for high school, college, and pro teams. Teams at every level play during a standard season and are governed by various football leagues, such as the NFL and NCAA [more…]

Understanding Soccer's Three Basic Passes

There are three basic passes in the game of soccer — forward, square, and back.

The forward pass is the most aggressive and most risky of all three because the attacking team moves the ball toward the goal [more…]

Stealing Second Base in Baseball

All great base stealers have a love of larceny. They derive joy from picking the opposing team's pockets, especially in pressure situations. To excel as a base thief, you have to be cocky. When you get [more…]

What a Good Basketball Coach Says before the Game

As a basketball coach, what you say to your players before tip-off — and how you say it — can have a big impact on how they play the game. Here are some ideas about what to say to your team before a game [more…]

Choosing Hockey Equipment for Yourself — and Your Kids

The best way to buy the right hockey equipment is to find a store or outlet that specializes in hockey equipment and has knowledgeable salespeople who can not only help pick out the best gear for you and [more…]

Goalkeeper: Defending the Soccer Goal

In soccer, the goalkeeper is a designated player with the job of directly preventing the opposing team from scoring by defending the goal. To get a good soccer goalkeeper for your team, remember this: [more…]

Identifying the Points of Sail

The points of sail diagram looks like the face of a clock, with the wind blowing from 12:00. At the top of the clock face, from about 10:30 to 1:30, is the sector called the [more…]

Taking Tennis Lessons

Tennis challenges you to improve, to hit your strokes and develop your strategy to become a more efficient, effective player. When you improve your game, you don't just become a better player. You also [more…]

Getting in Gear: Lacrosse Equipment

The physical nature of lacrosse requires players to wear a wide assortment of protective gear. To do its job, the equipment must be in good condition, meet appropriate safety standards, and fit the youngsters [more…]

Looking at a Sailboat

Sailboats come in all sizes, shapes, and types. The beauty of sailing is that you can't help but find a boat (or two or three) that's just right for you. All sailing craft, big or small, have at least [more…]

Dealing with a Ball Hog on Your Basketball Team

A ball hog — a player who hangs onto the ball for extended periods of time and always looks to shoot rather than pass — creates real problems for the entire team. For instance, a ball hog ignores open [more…]

Choosing a Sleeping Bag for Camping

The key choice in sleeping bags is between synthetic fill or down. Down is lighter in terms of a weight-to-warmth ratio. Down is also more compact. However, only synthetic fills like PolarGuard 3D, Lite [more…]

Examining Different Levels of Competition at the Racetrack

Just as all horse races are not created equal, neither are all horses. However, racetracks overcome this inequality as best they can by pitting horses of similar ability together for various races. This [more…]

Stealing Third Base, Stealing Home, and Other Baseball Thievery

Stealing third base is generally easier than stealing second. You can take a bigger lead at second than at first without drawing many throws. If your timing is good, you can also take off from second before [more…]

Slicing and Dicing, Tennis Style

Slice, or backspin, causes the tennis ball to spin back toward the source of impact (you). When a slice shot bounces, the ball stays low, forcing your opponent to really stretch to get to the ball. If [more…]

Assessing Your Basketball Players' Skills

Playing basketball requires a broad range of skills. As a coach, being able to assess a youngster's strengths and weaknesses is crucial for determining where he best fits in your lineup. [more…]

Formula One Racing: What Happens during an F1 Pit Stop

Pit stops are one of the most tense and exciting features of a Grand Prix or other formula one auto race. In fact, auto races are frequently won and lost because of the pit stops and pit crews. In just [more…]

Exploring the History of Women's Hockey

Historians say that the first organized all-women's hockey game took place in Barrie, Ontario, in 1892 — more than two decades before the National Hockey League was founded. But there is evidence that [more…]

Following a Basketball Game on TV

You'll get a lot more out of watching a basketball game on TV — or even live — if you do more than watch the ball go into the hoop. Check out these insider tips for catching the [more…]

Knowing How to Camp with Children

Camping with children is an outstanding way to share a love for the outdoors without breaking the budget. While family backpacking or camping does take a great deal of planning and loads of patience, it [more…]

Knowing Some Important Tour de France Regulations

Tour rules and regulations are detailed in race Articles. Listed in the Technical Guide, they range from participation to disqualification, medical care to prize money. Rules are written and detailed in [more…]

The Positions on a Boys' Lacrosse Team

In boys' lacrosse, a typical full-scale game features one goalie, three defenders, three midfielders,and three attackers. The skills that are required to play these positions are as different as the kids [more…]

Looking at European Soccer Rivalries

Americans call them rivalries. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, they are called derbies (pronounced darbies). Among the most enduring European rivalries: [more…]

Avoiding Common Short Game Misfires

Hitting the ball from the tee is easy compared to the short game. Heck, the ball sits up on a tee, you hit it with the same club most every time, and you can swing away and hit it as far as you want. The [more…]


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