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How to Score Common Golf Penalty Shots

A stray shot in golf is frustrating, but it happens to the best golfers. Where the ball is hit makes a difference in how it is played and scored. Take a look at these common golf penalty shots and how [more…]

Business Golf Outing Do's and Don'ts

Golf outings are an increasingly popular way of conducting business while having fun. Unfortunately, sometimes people invited to these outings don't know the rules for conducting themselves on the course [more…]

Golf Rules & Etiquette For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Before you hit the course to play a round of golf, for fun or for business, or to attend a golf tournament as a spectator, make sure you're familiar with the basic rules of golf etiquette expected by players [more…]

Building Confidence in Sports

Sports psychology can help athletes looking to improve their confidence. You may be the strongest, tallest, most powerful athlete on the field, court, or track, but if you aren’t confident in your abilities [more…]

Improving Your Focus with Sports Psychology

Focus is one of the most powerful tools in sports psychology. Whatever sport you compete in, the ability to focus is essential to success. When you’re in the middle of a practice or competition, does your [more…]

Using Sports Psychology as a Coach

As a coach, you can run drills with your athletes day and night, but if you ignore your athletes’ minds, you’ll only tap into a fraction of what they can do. Here are some ways you can use sports psychology [more…]

Sports Psychology For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Being a successful athlete is about more than just physical strength and agility — your mind plays a key part in your winning performance. You can use sports psychology techniques to build confidence and [more…]

Knowing Which Golf Club to Use for Which Golf Shot

The sheer variety of golf clubs you need can be overwhelming; after you have all the clubs you need and you hit the golf course, how do you know which club to use for each shot? The following table gives [more…]

Essential Items You Need in Your Golf Bag

Golf bags aren’t just for holding clubs; like any sport, golf requires other essential equipment and helpful items that make your game a little easier. Here are the essentials for stocking your golf bag [more…]

Understanding Golf Scoring Language

Golf has its own language, and its scoring lingo can be especially puzzling to understand. If understanding golf scores seems like a foreign language, the following table of golf scoring terms can help [more…]

How to Score Golf Penalty Shots

Penalty shots (and their effects on the score) are an unfortunate part of golf for most golfers. Scoring golf penalty shots can be confusing, so the following table helps you adjust your score and shoot [more…]

Making Typical Golf Bets

Betting is a part of most golfers’ typical outings; the extra competitive spirit of making bets contributes to the game can make golf that much more fun. Here are some bets you typically see on the course [more…]

Golf For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Even if you’re new to golf, you can still look and act like you know what you’re doing. Making sure you have the right equipment in your bag and making intelligent decisions about which club to use can [more…]

How to Set Up Your Triathlon Transition Area

Transitions are an important part of any triathlon, and how well you prepare for them and practice going from swimming to biking to running can help you cut minutes from your overall time. Follow these [more…]

Triathlon Types and Distances

All triathlons are not created equal. Races are broken down into four basic distances, with courses and culture making each one a unique challenge. The following list shows approximate guidelines for the [more…]

Triathlon Training Time Requirements

You can train for a super sprint or sprint triathlon in just 2 to 4 hours a week for 12 weeks. As the miles add up, so does your required training time. Use the following chart as a guideline to help you [more…]

Your Day-Of Triathlon Checklist

The day of your triathlon has arrived! To make sure that you pack everything you need for all three aspects of the event, use the following checklist, which covers the necessities for swimming, biking, [more…]

Triathlon Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Training for a triathlon takes time and dedication no matter whether you're starting off with a sprint or preparing for an Iron Man event. In any type of triathlon, how you set up your transition area [more…]

Cross-Country Skiing Events in the Winter Olympics

Cross-Country skiing (part of the Nordic skiing family) is the endurance event of the Winter Olympics. In cross-country skiing, competitors use ski poles and strength to propel themselves across long [more…]

The Luge Competition at the Winter Olympics

Luge is one of the sledding events of the Winter Olympics, along with bobsleigh and skeleton. Luge sliders lie on their backs on a flat sled that careens down the track at nearly 140 kilometers per hour [more…]

Skeleton at the Winter Olympics

Skeleton is by most accounts the most reckless of all the Winter Olympic sports. Competitors race head first down an ice-covered track lying with their stomachs against a flat sled. Thanks to the streamlined [more…]

Matching Your Fishing Rod, Lure, and Line

Your fishing rod has a limit to how much weight it can lift and cast effectively. This is called the “power” of the rod. Anglers can use this chart as a guide to match up the right rod, lure weight, and [more…]

Keeping Up with Fishing World Records

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) keeps track of world record catches for almost every species of fish you can think of. Do you think you just hauled in the next record catch? It could happen [more…]

Outfitting Your Fishing Trip with the Right Equipment and Clothing

No one checklist works for every fishing trip, as there are many variables to consider. Are you fishing saltwater or freshwater? What species are you fishing for? What’s the weather like? What season is [more…]

Matching Up the Fish, the Water, and the Offering

Almost every sizable body of water, providing it isn’t too polluted, will have some fish in it. Whether the fish have been stocked there, or appear through natural reproduction, there’s a good chance more [more…]

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