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Fly Fishing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Successful fly fishing starts by finding out if the water temperature is ideal for fishing or if your day is better spent preparing your fly gear for the next outing. Make sure you have the appropriate [more…]

The Soccer Field of Play

Although the size of a soccer field can vary, sometimes even from community to community, the markings remain pretty much the same. Get to know these playing field features: [more…]

How a Soccer Coach Supports the Players

As a soccer coach, your players count on you during the season for guidance and support. The following are some ways to help your kids through the soccer season: [more…]

The Soccer Pregame Talk

What you say and how you say it when delivering the pre-game speech is a big motivator for your soccer players. Try these coaching tips when talking to the kids before the soccer game to prepare them for [more…]

The Pregame Routine for Soccer Coaches

Get your day of coaching soccer off to a good start by establishing a pregame routine. Go through the following tips so your players have a safe and fun-filled time on and off the soccer field. [more…]

Coaching Soccer For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Coaching soccer should be safe and fun for you and your players, so start by getting familiar with the layout of the soccer field. As a soccer coach your players will look to you for guidance so use some [more…]

Common Scuba Diving and Snorkeling Hand Signals

Once you get the attention of your scuba diving buddy, usually done by rapping on your tank with a hard object, use these hand signals to communicate the most common messages underwater: [more…]

Scuba Dive Buddy Check

Having a buddy when you scuba dive is a foolproof way to stay safe. Dive buddies stick together during a dive, help each other put on and check equipment, monitor depth and air, and help each other in [more…]

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Make sure your underwater dive experience is fun and safe by learning the basic hand signals used in scuba diving and snorkeling and going through an equipment and procedure safety check before your dive [more…]

Supporting Your Junior Football Players

Your young football players are counting on you for guidance and support all season long. The following are some helpful ways to meet their needs. [more…]

Delivering the Pre-game Talk to Your Junior Football Team

What you say to kids before their football game, and how you say it, makes a big difference in how they approach taking the field. Here are some helpful pointers to prepare them for competition. [more…]

Following a Pregame Routine with Your Junior Football Team

A good pregame routine helps set the tone for a safe and fun-filled day of soccer. Keep these tips in mind before the game begins. [more…]

Coaching Junior Football Teams For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Being a youth football coach can be a great experience, both for you and your squad. But what if you’ve never coached before, or want to improve? Don’t worry! Here you find how to approach coaching, and [more…]

Curling Game Basics

What is this game of rocks and brooms all about? Curling is a sport in which two teams of four players each slide 40-pound granite rocks (also called stones [more…]

Great Reasons to Try the Sport of Curling

Why should you take up curling? People who curl seem to share a certain fun-loving attitude toward this winter pastime. Even at national and world championships, players in the middle of a high-stakes [more…]

Curling Match Terminology

Curling, probably more than any other sport, has its own unique terminology (like hurry hard and burning a rock, among others). Here are the key curling words and phrases you need to know to blend in at [more…]

The Members of a Curling Team

In curling, the team you play on is called a rink. The rink is made up of four players: the lead, the second, the third (also called the vice,vice-skip, [more…]

Curling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Curling has a rich history with many traditions that continue to this day. Though the origins of curling are unclear, most people regard Scotland as curling’s birthplace. Today, curling is played around [more…]

What to Bring when You Sail

A good sailor always has the right tools and equipment on board. Whether you're sailing around for just half an hour or spending the day on the water, use the following checklists to make sure you're prepared [more…]

How to Jibe and Tack when Sailing

You need to know the two basic sailing maneuvers — jibing and tacking — whether you're sailing the open seas or an enclosed lake. (Jibing and tacking take you away from or into the wind.) The following [more…]

Sail Positions and Their Names

When you're sailing, you use specific terms to describe the position of the sail — along with calling the left side of the boat port and the right side [more…]

Basic Traffic Rules of the Waterway for Sailboats

Traffic rules prevent accidents on land — and on water. Just because you're sailing on open water doesn't mean you can disobey simple traffic rules. The rules of the water actually call for more consideration [more…]

Sailing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Sailing can provide adventure, relaxation, recreation, and just good old fun. To enjoy yourself on a sailboat, you need to know the basic sailing maneuvers, sail positions, and rules of the waterway for [more…]

Golf Etiquette Basics

Grasping all the relevant do's and don'ts of golf takes time. So you're comfortable on any golf course and with any player, use this list as a good start for the rules of golf etiquette. [more…]

Do's and Don'ts for Golf Spectators

Golf etiquette isn't limited to just players. If you're attending a golf tournament (professional or amateur), be aware that fans are expected to behave in certain ways so they don't disturb the players [more…]

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