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Harnessing the Power of Symbols

You may not even realize it, but your life is shaped by symbols that are passed to you or inherited from your culture, your race, your peer and social groups, and your family. Newspapers, magazines, TV [more…]

Grappling with the Definition of Sin

Sin is any deliberate action, attitude, or thought that goes against God. You may think of sin as an obvious act, such as murder, adultery, or theft. Although that's true, sin is also wrongdoing that's [more…]

Practicing Religion in Places of Worship

For some religions, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, communal worship is important. The faithful gather at particular times on particular days and interact in a faith experience. For other religions [more…]

Understanding Salvation by Faith

The notion that salvation is totally of God and is the result of nothing that anyone does is hard to grasp. To many, this solution is too easy. Human nature almost demands us to tack something onto the [more…]

Double Agent Delilah: Sapping Sampson's Strength

Delilah, who lived in the thirteenth century BC, breaks the heart of her lover, Samson, a man who devoted his life to fighting the enemies of the Israelites. In fact, she even betrays him to these enemies [more…]

Old-Country Mushroom Barley Soup

Mushroom barley soup has become a standard on Jewish deli restaurant menus, but you can make great mushroom barley soup at home. This pleasing potage is also good for you because of the healthful fiber [more…]

Climbing the Five Tiers of Prayer

All prayer is directed to God, whether you're praying in your bedroom or Denver's Mile High Stadium filled with 80,000 people. However, the manner in which you pray and the words you speak should be tailored [more…]

What Is a Freemason Lodge?

The word lodge really has two meanings to a Freemason. It is both a place where Masonic meetings are held, and a collective term for the members who meet there. So, as weird as it sounds, you could say [more…]

Discovering More about the Koran

The Islamic tradition describes the Koran as a vast ocean of knowledge that never ceases in its wisdom, no matter how much you study it. You may want to continue investigating the Koran, looking for new [more…]

Figuring Out What Freemasons Believe In

There is no international administrative or controlling authority over Freemasonry. There's no office anyone can call to get the official, worldwide policy position of Freemasons, because there is no such [more…]

Mending Misconceptions about the Koran

Oftentimes, misconceptions separate people with differing worldviews, presenting minds and souls with seemingly valid excuses to not engage people of other faiths. Consider these widespread notions about [more…]

Transcending Life's Problems through Spirituality

Look at the trials of your life with a spiritual approach: Until your heart has been broken to the things of this materialistic world, you can't open your heart into the higher world. [more…]

Contemplating the Mormon Worldview

The following equation best sums up how Mormons understand the universe and the purpose of life: As humans are, God used to be; as God is, humans may become. [more…]

Figuring Out the Philosophy of Buddhism

Socrates, one of the fathers of Western philosophy, claimed that the unexamined life isn't worth living, and most Buddhists would certainly agree with him. Because of the importance they place on logical [more…]

Linking Faiths: Common Experiences in the Scriptures

Interestingly, the three Abrahamic faiths — Judaism, Christianity, and Islam — share much in common, including a lineage of noble prophets sent by God. At the root of commonality lies a deep connection [more…]

Gaining an Overview of Islamic Origins

In about 610 A.D., the angel Gabriel appeared to a man named Muhammad in the city of Mecca in present day Saudi Arabia. Gabriel told Muhammad that God had commissioned Muhammad as His last prophet. The [more…]

Wising Up to Lady Wisdom

The Book of Wisdom (sometimes called the Wisdom of Solomon) doesn't mention any women by name. (You can find the Book of Wisdom in the Apocrypha of Protestant Bibles or in the Deuterocanon of Catholic [more…]

Making a Joyful Noise in Religious Ritual

You don't necessarily have to pray and worship quietly. Many people communicate with God through noise and movement. Singing and chanting — otherwise known as letting your voices be heard — are part of [more…]

Charming Your Way to Effective Magic

A four-leaf clover for luck. The suit that you always wear to job interviews for success. The ring you never take off because it represents your love for another person. The pendent you wear around your [more…]

Making Meditation a Part of Your Life

Commitment is the foundation for your meditation practice. Without commitment, you won't keep meditating when you're tired, have a headache, don't feel like it, or would rather do something else. [more…]

Meat-Stuffed Peppers with Tomatoes, Garlic, and Dill

Jewish cuisine features countless ways to stuff peppers — many with meat mixtures, as in this recipe. Stuffed peppers are simple to make, and adding tomatoes and tomato sauce to the stuffing keeps it exceptionally [more…]

Correcting Major Misconceptions about Tarot

A "tarot misconception" means that someone interprets a tarot concept or card based on incomplete, faulty, or biased information. As you know, misconceptions can be powerful, especially when more people [more…]

Looking Into Habits of Effective Wiccans

Wiccans who are successful and effective, both in their spiritual and general lives, tend to have some coping skills and lifestyle choices in common. These practices and paths are far from odd or eccentric [more…]

Meeting Jesus's Parents: Mary and Joseph

Both the gospel of Matthew and the gospel of Luke note that Jesus's parents were Mary and Joseph. Both also narrate that Mary was engaged but not married to Joseph when she got pregnant. But the accounts [more…]

Celebrating the Cycles of Life in Judaism

Judaism honors and celebrates the major stages of life with rituals, including the bris (circumcision for boys), Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, and funeral rites. [more…]


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