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Enjoy the Magic of Mindful Movies

There's no better way to expand your mindfulness experience beyond the physical boundaries of the United Kingdom and to expand your insights than to enjoy movies that are mindfully inclined. [more…]

Expand Your Mindfulness by Listening to CDs

Sometimes, lying on your bed listening to a guided meditation is just what you need for a really deep mindfulness experience. Listening to a quality CD can transfer you beyond the United Kingdom and really [more…]

Delve Deeper into Mindfulness by Going on a Retreat

Retreats, available in the United Kingdom, the United States, France and elsewhere, offer an opportunity to deepen your mindfulness practice in a safe and peaceful environment. Everyone should try at least [more…]

How to Do a Three-Minute Mindfulness Exercise

Mindfulness exercises and meditations train your brain to be focused and calm. With better focus you’re more productive, feel more in control of your life and are happier. Mindfulness leads to lower levels [more…]

Developing Mindful Attitudes to Life

When practising mindfulness, you can bring certain attitudes to your experience to really get the most out of living mindfully. Here are the key attitudes: [more…]

Four Tips to be More Mindful in Your Daily Life

The great thing about mindfulness is that it’s more than just meditation. You can practice mindfulness any time. You can do mindful walking, mindful eating and even mindful speaking and listening. And [more…]

Overcoming Common Problems with Mindfulness Meditation

Here are the three most common issues or problems some people have with doing mindfulness meditation, and some tips and suggestions for overcoming them successfully. [more…]

Mindfulness Workbook for Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Mindfulness, put simply, means a present-moment awareness. The more mindful you are, the more you’re aware of your surroundings as well as what’s going on in your head, heart and body. A greater level [more…]

A Timeline of Taoist History

Taoism encompasses a wide range of beliefs, practices, and cultural traditions, and its history has often followed a “Way” of complicated twists and turns. Here’s a brief timeline that lays out the basic [more…]

Important Branches of Taoism

There have historically been many different types of Taoism, and it’s sometimes hard to keep them all straight or understand how they relate to one another. Here’s a brief summary of the different historical [more…]

Key Taoists in History

The origin of Taoism reaches back as far as prehistoric China, and has had a strong influence over Chinese culture throughout its history. The following people shaped Taoism over time, making it what it [more…]

Taoism For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You may be familiar with Taoism the way your parents were familiar with the music you and your friends listened to when you were a kid. But a lot of what you know about Taoism may be a little fuzzy. To [more…]

Celebrating the Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah means "son of the commandment," and Bat Mitzvah means "daughter of the commandment." Jewish tradition says that when girls turn 12 and boys turn 13, they take on new responsibilities in the [more…]

Attending Your First Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

Many people — Jewish and non-Jewish — get invited to a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah ceremony sooner or later, making it one of the most visible Jewish rituals. Nonetheless, some folks turn down the invitation [more…]

Five Jewish People Who Have Contributed to the Arts

Judaism — more than a religion, a set of ideas, or a system of ethics — is a People. Here are five famous Jewish people who have contributed to literature and film. [more…]

Seven Jewish People Who Contributed to History

The Jewish people have made tremendous contributions to politics, law, religion, and science. Here are just a few notable Jewish thinkers — names of people you should know for their contributions to society [more…]

Understanding the Jewish Calendar

The Jewish calendar isn't just a tool for observing the passage of time. Judaism marks and celebrates time in a number of ways — holidays, Shabbat, the weekly readings of specific portions of the Torah [more…]

Hosting a Meaningful Party after a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah

The most controversial aspect of Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah ceremonies these days is the party that follows them. Jewish tradition states the family of the child who's having a Bar/Bat Mitzvah must host [more…]

Sexuality in Judaism

Judaism promotes study, prayer, and practicing mitzvot to have a closer, “right” relationship with the Universal. But there is another method: sex. Judaism emphasizes that sex is a deeply holy act to be [more…]

How to Find a Way to Peace in Judaism

War has been with civilization from the beginning of recorded history, like a plague always appearing somewhere on the planet. However, Judaism affirms the primary importance of peace, and the Talmudic [more…]

How to Respect Animals and the Environment in Judaism

Everyone — from secular atheist to Orthodox Jew — can appreciate the wonder and awe of the natural world around them. This deep reverence for nature is deeply rooted in Judaism and forms the basis for [more…]

How to Make the Choice to Circumcise in Judaism

Most Jews never question whether to perform a circumcision — it’s simply part of being Jewish. In fact, for an increasing number of Jews, it’s one of the most spiritual and joyful community events. However [more…]

How to Name a Child in Judaism

Judaism has several traditions surrounding the naming of a baby. The Ashkenazi tradition is to name the child after a relative who has died. The Sephardic tradition says to name the child after a living [more…]

How to See the Distinctions of Orthodox Judaism

When you hear the term “Orthodox Jew,” you probably think of a man in a long black coat, with long locks of hair over his sideburns, a big beard, and a black hat. But in reality, there are dozens of different [more…]

Homosexuality in Judaism

The Jewish text, the Torah, says very little about homosexuality, but one verse has been used to justify the condemnation of a man’s primary relationship with another man: “You shall not lie with a man [more…]

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