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Fifteen Places to Meet Someone You Might Like to Date

Meeting that special someone often happens by accident, but can increase the odds of meeting someone you like by frequenting the right kinds of places. A place you enjoy, where you feel comfortable and [more…]

How to Buy an Engagement Ring on a Budget

There is a lot of pressure on men when picking out that perfect engagement ring. Many men see the selection as a symbol of the depth of the love for their bride to be. The engagement ring may be a representation [more…]

Using Listening Techniques to Improve Your Relationship

Improving communication is a key part of improving your relationship. In fact, it’s the single most significant improvement you can make. To be an effective communicator, you have to be a good listener [more…]

Identifying Facets of Relationship Intimacy

When thinking about intimacy and the areas of your relationship that you want to improve, considering exactly what kind of intimacy you want more of can be helpful. The five facets of relationship intimacy [more…]

Dealing with Anger in a Relationship

We all get angry with our partners from time to time. Try the following tips to help you to minimise the destructive effects of anger on you and your relationship: [more…]

Rules for Effective Communication

Communicating effectively is the keystone to any relationship. Use the tips in this list to make sure your message gets across – and to help you listen to what you’re being told. [more…]

Improving Your Relationship For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From time to time, we all need to work a little harder with our partners at making our relationships the best they can be. This Cheat Sheet covers some of the key issues you’ll meet along the way. Keep [more…]

Getting to Your Destination Wedding: Items to Carry with You

While you travel to your wedding destination, never put certain personal items in your checked luggage — in fact, don't let the items in the following list out of your sight! Plan to carry the following [more…]

Contacts to Keep Handy while Planning Your Destination Wedding

As you plan your destination wedding, keep contact numbers for critical people close at hand so that you can call for help as needed. Keep a list of the phone number, cell number, and even e-mail address [more…]

Online Destination Wedding Lingo

You can discover a lot about destination weddings from perusing and using the community bulletin boards at, the knot, and Weddings [more…]

Checklist for after You Arrive at Your Wedding Destination

Having a checklist can help make wedding planning easier, especially if you're having a destination wedding. The number of wedding details you have to deal with after reaching the site of your destination [more…]

Destination Weddings: Contact Information for Major Airlines

If your destination wedding involves flying to the location, call airlines directly to arrange discounted airfares rather than booking online. Discounts normally apply to groups of ten or larger. Because [more…]

Destination Weddings For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you're planning a destination wedding, you have extra details to consider such as how the wedding party will travel to the wedding site. Making arrangements by long distance means you have to be well [more…]

Caring For Your Baby Post-IVF

When you’ve waited long and tried hard to have a baby, you feel ecstatic when IVF works for you. But even after IVF, you find that caring for a new baby is hard work. Here’s some advice to help you survive [more…]

How to Keep Potty Training Working

Potty training can be frustrating for both you and your toddler. Success comes when you keep your expectations realistic and your attitude positive. Use the tips in the following list to help make your [more…]

Five Potty-Training Myths

Potty training has a long, long history — the first babies on the planet were potty trained. In that long history, a lot of myths have sprung up, although many of the most prevalent seem to be modern creations [more…]

Signs that Your Potty-Training Toddler Needs to See a Doctor

Potty training forces you and your toddler to focus on waste elimination — a normal yet often messy process. Sometimes, this focus on toilet habits can bring to light issues that need the attention of [more…]

Signs that Your Toddler Is Almost Potty Trained

Your toddler will eventually be potty trained, and maybe sooner than you expect if you can devote a weekend to the training process. Recognize your child’s small successes, and know that when you start [more…]

Signs that Your Child Is Ready for Potty Training

Having a potty-trained toddler is a day every parent longs for, but you can’t rush the process. Wait for signs that your child is ready to tackle this big challenge. Watch for the signs in the following [more…]

Potty-Training Steps in a Nutshell

Potty training can be broken down into steps, just like any other learning process. The first step is to choose a weekend to devote to getting your child potty-trained, one that you and your child can [more…]

Potty Training For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Potty training is an important step in childhood development. As a parent, you need to recognize the signs that your child is ready for the toilet talk, institute a potty-training process, keep that process [more…]

Best Man’s Countdown toward Wedding Day

It’s a good idea to get yourself and everything else prepared well in advance for the wedding where you'll be best man. Follow this calendar countdown detailing everything on your “to do” list and when [more…]

Wedding VIPs

As best man, you should acquaint yourself with the roles of the other key members of the wedding party. Here are the top ten VIPs to keep in mind. [more…]

Structuring the Best Man's Speech for the Wedding Day

Although every duty on the wedding day is important, the speech is the one duty you’ll stand out for. They aren’t as hard to write as you think either. Make sure to include these steps and finish it off [more…]

Being the Best Man For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

So you’re best man, congratulations! Worrying about all your roles and responsibilities yet? Don’t be. Follow these quick and simple tips to help you become the best man on the day, even better than the [more…]

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