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Decorating Your Wedding Site on a Dime

The site you choose for your wedding ceremony affects the kinds of decorations you may need. Some venues may not need any wedding ceremony decorations. For instance, you may choose to have your ceremony [more…]

Giving Affordable Gifts to the Wedding Party

The members of your wedding party provide support throughout your wedding planning process, so you probably want to give them an affordable thank-you gift to show your appreciation for their friendship [more…]

Tips for Sticking to a Wedding Budget

Actual wedding costs depend mainly on size, scale, and location. Keeping this in mind while planning for a budget wedding is critical to keeping costs down. A formal wedding with 250 guests obviously costs [more…]

Deciding Whether to Hire a Wedding Planner

Most budget-minded couples don’t hire independent wedding planners, but you may decide that the expense of a wedding planner is worth the aggravation you’ll avoid. For example, if you and your spouse-to-be [more…]

Understanding How Dates and Times Affect Wedding Costs

Your wedding date and the time of your reception can affect wedding costs for everything from the catering to the photography bill by 30% or more. Vendors charge their highest prices when their services [more…]

Matching Your Wedding Guest List to Your Budget

Preparing a wedding guest list that matches your wedding budget can be a challenge. Choosing whether to set your guest list or your wedding budget first [more…]

Considering Budget Outdoor Wedding Options

The cost of renting some outdoor sites for a wedding can rival a fancy reception hall. But there are certainly budget options for outdoor weddings, too. Because rates, restrictions, and policies differ [more…]

Etiquette Pointers: Registering for Wedding Gifts

Using a wedding gift registry makes it easy for friends and family to shop. Registering for wedding gifts is fun, but remember your etiquette! Consideration is key, whether you're working with the gift [more…]

Etiquette Tips for Compiling Your Wedding Guest List

Etiquette can help you decide your wedding guest list. Compiling a wedding guest list can be extremely stressful because people's feelings are involved. Here, etiquette calls for extra tact and sympathy [more…]

The Etiquette of Writing and Addressing Wedding Invitations

There's a purpose for all the etiquette surrounding written wedding invitations. The etiquette of writing and addressing invitations provides important answers for wedding guests: They'll know who the [more…]

Wedding Etiquette For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Wedding etiquette rules have relaxed a bit over time, but common sense and basic etiquette are still necessary in every phase of wedding planning — and on the big day itself. Familiarizing yourself with [more…]

Getting the Most from Your Autistic Child's Educational Experience

Your child with autism can thrive in school. You may need to be more involved in the educational process of your autistic child than with an unaffected child, but the rewards of that extra investment can [more…]

Basic Divorce Decisions

Important and difficult decisions have to be made when you’re working out the terms of your divorce, especially if minor children are involved. Basic conditions of your divorce that need to be decided [more…]

Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Hiring a trustworthy divorce attorney is an important decision, whether you work with them from the beginning to end of your divorce or on a limited basis. Your attorney can affect the cost, course, and [more…]

Organizations and Resources to Help with Divorce

If you need financial or legal advice, or emotional support, when going through a divorce, keep this list of national, state, and local resources readily available for help: [more…]

Divorce For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you’re going through a divorce, basic decisions need to be made with your spouse. Interview divorce attorneys before you decide to hire one to help with your divorce and keep a list of national and [more…]

Phone Numbers to Have Handy during Your Baby’s First Year

As a new parent, you’re nervous enough during your baby’s first year, and the last thing you need is to not be able to find a phone number when you need it. Make a list of key phone numbers and post it [more…]

Baby Emergencies: When to Call the Doctor Right Away

Your baby’s first year is a time of wonder, joy, and uncertainty. You’ll learn not to panic every time your baby cries, but there are times when your bundle of joy needs a doctor’s attention right away [more…]

Tears during the First Year: What's Causing Baby to Cry?

During your baby’s first year, you’re still getting used to her needs, her moods, and her method of communication — which most often is a healthy yell. No need to panic, just run through the following [more…]

Affirmations to Use during Your Baby’s First Year

Being a new parent can make you feel more than a little frazzled. During your baby’s first year, take advantage of whatever helps, including the affirmations in the following list. Repeat them whenever [more…]

Your Baby’s First Year For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your baby’s first year is a precious time that will pass all too quickly — in retrospect. To help calm your new-parent jitters, cover the basics: Make sure that you have a list of essential phone numbers [more…]

Ten Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Dating

The Internet provides a way to meet people who have interests similar to yours. Some Internet dating sites prescreen individuals for compatibility. Other sites allow listings of personal ads. If you have [more…]

Ten Tips for a Good First Date

A first date may never be a relaxing experience (after all, no matter how down-to-earth you are, you’ll still worry about the broccoli in your teeth), but it doesn’t have to be ulcer material either. [more…]

Good Places to Go for a First Date

Some places and events lend themselves to successful first dates, and others practically scream, “What could I be thinking?!” To help you tell one from the other, read the following cream of the first-date-ideas [more…]

How to Ask Someone for a Date

You have several options when asking for the date. The choices may be influenced by circumstances (like distance), personality, and personal style. In general, the closer you are when you ask, the better [more…]

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