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Eldercare: Dealing with Clinical Depression

It's estimated that 15 to 20 percent of elders suffer from some kind of depression — everything from the passing mood to the kind that requires medical attention, clinical depression. [more…]

Preventing Your Teen from Picking Up the Smoking Habit

You may be wondering how to approach your teenager about not smoking. Some kids avoid cigarettes like the plague. Some have been on a crusade since childhood to get their parents — you! — to quit smoking [more…]

Exploring Transracial and Transcultural Adoptions

When you adopt transracially, you adopt a child of a race different than yours. Adopting transculturally means that your child comes from a different culture than yours. If you're one of these families [more…]

Deciding on Childcare When You Work From Home

Whether you're running your own business from home or working for an employer who allows you to work from home on a full- or part-time basis (a working arrangement that is referred to as [more…]

Your Baby's First Year: Dealing with Caretaker Conflicts

You love your parents — you really do. But why do they insist on feeding Baby ice cream and candy when they baby-sit? You've made it very clear that you're concerned about milk allergies during the first [more…]

Exploring Why Baby Isn't Signing Back

Baby is busy right now. She's learning to sit up, crawl, and walk — or some combination thereof. Perhaps he has a lot on his mind, and his attention may be focused elsewhere. If your baby isn't signing [more…]

It's a Wonderful World: International Adoptions

A growing number of American families adopt internationally every year. Some of the most popular countries for international adoptions are China, Guatemala [more…]

Getting Your Toddler to Exercise Outdoors

Getting your toddler outdoors to exercise is like getting a bird to fly — it’s just so natural that many kids wouldn’t dream of not doing it. Consider, for example, the following outdoor games kids are [more…]

Convincing Your Preteen to Exercise

How do you get your preteen (or tween) to exercise, when hanging out at the mall with friends is the order of the day? The answer lies in how you present exercise to your child. Try the following: [more…]

How to Use Exercise to Connect with Your Teenager

By their teenage years, your kids have settled into a routine — often either as active teenagers who participate in several school sports or as couch potatoes. If your teen is of the inactive variety, [more…]

Etiquette For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Practicing proper etiquette means knowing the mechanics of dining, the correct amount to tip for a service, giving a gift graciously, and traveling with ease while exercising good manners. [more…]

How to Resolve Marital Money Differences

Money is a regular cause of marital problems. Recognize how your attitude about money affects your marriage and use these tips to help resolve your money-dealing differences: [more…]

Common Myths about Marriage

Focus on finding the truths that keep your marriage strong instead of allowing common myths about marriage to undermine your relationship. Examine these marital myths to view your marriage more clearly [more…]

How to Fight Fairly in Marriage

Accepting that you and your spouse will argue can help to strengthen the marriage, but only if you have the ability to fight fair. If a marital argument arises, use these tools to help resolve the conflict [more…]

Reducing the Stress on Your Marriage

Negative stress effects your emotion and physical well-being, as well as your marriage. Take time to identify the source of your stress and then utilize these tips to reduce stress on yourself and your [more…]

Have a Sexier, More Exciting Marriage

A waning sex life is a complaint many couples have after years of marriage. Use these tips to keep the sexual chemistry alive in your marriage and improve your sex life: [more…]

Making Marriage Work For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your marriage will be best if you debunk common marital myths, fight fairly, reduce marital stress, maintain a good sex life, and work together to resolve money issues that affect the marriage. [more…]

Budget Wedding Tips: How to Spend Less on Food

Food and alcohol represent the biggest expense for most weddings. So it makes sense to cut back on that expense if you’re planning a budget wedding. Broaden your idea of what a stylish and elegant wedding [more…]

Plan an Eco-Friendly Budget Wedding

Green is the new white — at least when it comes to eco-friendly weddings. Even better, going green can save you money. That’s always a plus if you’re planning a budget wedding. Even though some green wedding [more…]

Make a Priority List for Your Budget Wedding

If you’re planning your wedding on a budget, prioritizing is a must. Without a priority list, you’re likely to overspend — often before you even realize you’re going over your budget. To keep your wedding [more…]

Save Money on the Wedding of Your Dreams

When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, you want to get the best value for your dollar. You aren’t interested in anything that looks cheap; you want your fairytale wedding for less. If you follow these [more…]

Budget Weddings For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Planning a wedding shouldn’t break the bank — it should be fun, exciting, and worry-free. To plan a budget wedding that looks anything but cheap, make a priority list, cut back on food [more…]

How to Save Money with a Destination Wedding

To most people, having a destination wedding means going to Mexico or the Caribbean. These are certainly popular wedding destinations, and they can be cost-effective. But you can have a destination wedding [more…]

Finding a Wedding Dress on a Budget

If you're a bride-to-be searching for a wedding dress on a budget, you don’t have to deal with traditional bridal shops. You can purchase a formal gown or dress from a department store or clothing chain [more…]

How to Keep Wedding Floral Costs Down

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to cut your wedding flower costs if you're on a budget. You can save money by purchasing only locally grown flowers that are in season. You can buy flowers in bulk and make [more…]

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