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Finding Baby Names from Places and Natural Features

Given names (first names) and names of places have a long history of cross-fertilization. Places have been named after the people who lived there, and people in turn may be named [more…]

Taking Baby in the Bath with You

Bathing with your baby is a convenient way for you to mix play, skin-on-skin contact, warmth, and massage all at once. In this article, we show you how to do so in ways that are safe and enjoyable for [more…]

Going Over Breastfeeding Guidelines

Don't assume that just because you naturally produce breast milk you will, without a doubt, know how to nurse your newborn. It doesn't work that way. For many mothers, breast-feeding takes time and practice [more…]

Choosing a Divorce Attorney

Choosing a divorce lawyer can be overwhelming. After all, your divorce attorney is the expert you'll rely on to help you make the best decisions about your divorce. An attorney can be involved in your [more…]

Raising Smart Kids by Fostering Decision-Making Skills

Smart older kids know how to make wise choices. Their everyday decisions influence how they learn, behave, and get along with others. In this way, the ability to make choices becomes one of the most important [more…]

Your Baby's First Year: Stocking Up for the Big Arrival

After Baby comes home from the hospital, you need to be ready to rock and roll with supplies and clothing. (In fact, you won't even be able to drive Baby to your house without an infant car seat, so that [more…]

Understanding Sign Language for Babies

Sign language for babies is a method of using either invented hand gestures or American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with very young children months — and even years — before they can communicate [more…]

Considering the Four Happiness Myths

Humans appeared on this earth without an owner's manual. Luckily, one of our advances has been in figuring out what causes happiness — and what doesn't. For example, everyone wants to be happy. But have [more…]

Making Changes to Your Divorce Agreement

As time goes on after you're divorced, you may decide that the terms of your divorce no longer work for you given changes in your life or in your children's lives. For example, your employer is in financial [more…]

Getting Back on Track after a Potty-Training Setback

Ask any parent who has taught a child to use the toilet (one who is truthful, anyway), and you'll hear that kids have many pee and poop accidents. Just like when you were learning to drive and didn't get [more…]

Surviving Dating's Most Embarrassing Moments

You may have experienced one or two dating disasters where you wished you could have crawled under the table to hide for the next decade or so. Well, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief as soon as you [more…]

Gay Teens: Coming Out to Family and Friends

Revealing one's homosexuality is never easy — for young or old — but the process can be particularly difficult for teens, who are dependent on their families and have not yet established their own private [more…]

Finding Ways to Date Your Mate

Taking the person you share your life with for granted is an easy habit to get into. The fact that you have sex on a semi-regular basis, share a checkbook, and discuss whether or not to paint the living [more…]

Potty Training at Daycare

Some kiddos' potty programs are thrown off track by outside caregivers who really, truly mean well — but they just don't get why you think consistency from home to daycare is such a big deal. [more…]

Being Aware of the Negative Side of Baby Names

Right now, you're probably feeling very possessive about your child, which is only natural because you have all the control (and responsibility) over what your child's experiences will be, including the [more…]

Recognizing the Characteristics of Smart Kids

Do you have wild and crazy dreams for your darlings, ones that may have started in the cradle? Perhaps you envision any or all of the following: [more…]

A Single Parent's Top-Ten List of Questions

Single parents are seeking answers to questions about everything from fitting in as a single parent, recovering from a divorce, and negotiating for child support and alimony payments, to such challenges [more…]

Online Dating Dilemma: Dishing Out Rejection

The Internet is a strange place, and what seems abnormal for in-person experiences is completely common on the Internet. Notice that the word is common, [more…]

Making Marriage Work by Fighting Fairly

Some couples claim that they never argue. That's next to impossible in marriages where both partners feel free to express their differences. Other couples have frequent arguments that sometimes get very [more…]

Raising Your Child to Have Good Manners

Don't underestimate the importance of good manners. Your children will grow up to be kinder and more considerate of others if you teach them how to be that way when they're young. You can do that by setting [more…]

Addressing Sex (or Not) in Your Online Dating Profile

If you subscribe to a mainstream online dating site, the site won't ask you overtly sexual questions for your profile, but that doesn't mean you won't have ample opportunity to lace sexual innuendo into [more…]

Looking at Baby Signs for a Few Everyday Needs

Your baby or toddler probably has a few things on his mind regularly, like "What's that in my diaper?" "It's time for a potty visit!" "Where's my cup?", [more…]

Safeguarding Your Money if You Anticipate a Hostile Divorce

If you suspect that your divorce will be a knock-down, drag-out fight or if you're certain that your divorce won't go smoothly, prepare to take the following steps prior to the start of your divorce. Protecting [more…]

Shaking Yourselves Out of a Romance Rut

For many couples, boredom begins to creep into their interactions and shared interests. Their relationship has gone stale, and they can't seem to make the change by themselves. Change can be frightening [more…]

Identifying Complicated Grieving

Complicated grieving is the technical name that grief professionals give to a grieving process that gets stuck at some point, making it impossible for the bereaved to successfully start or conclude the [more…]


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