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Picking a Tagline to Enhance Your Online Dating Profile

In addition to displaying a screen name, many online-dating sites allow you to display a phrase, called a tagline. Some sites, such as, let you choose a long screen name and a long tagline. That [more…]

Is Divorce Ahead? Recognizing the Signs of Trouble

Marriages rarely die overnight. Almost always, the destruction of a marriage happens little by little, over time. Ideally, if trouble arises in your marriage, you and your spouse should be able to respond [more…]

Choosing a Tuxedo or Suit for Your Wedding Day

Proper fit is the key when it comes to dressing the men in the wedding party. To determine the fit, try on the suit or tuxedo, including the correct shirt and shoes. Place your arms at your sides, fingers [more…]

Telling Your Children about the Divorce

Children often fear that they will lose one of their parents in a divorce or that their parents will abandon them and they will have to fend for themselves. Therefore, both of you need to convey in your [more…]

Getting Your Children to Listen to You

Good communication skills are the foundation for building a great relationship with your kids. However, so many different elements get thrown in the way that listening and communicating aren't always easy [more…]

Setting Down the Spelling Rules

Some rules make life hard for your child. She wants to feel the soft grass under her toes, but the sign says to keep out, or she wants to bomb into the blue water, but the lifeguard warns her against any [more…]

Considering Nanny Taxes When Choosing Childcare

You've no doubt heard all the buzz about the various "nanny taxes" that employers are required to remit to the government if they happen to employ a nanny or other in-home employee. Although you may be [more…]

Knowing When Not to Marry

Just as there are signs that you are ready to marry, there are also signs that you're not. A surprising number of people are able to look back on their marriages and say why they weren't ready to marry [more…]

Understanding Genital Warts and Herpes

One out of four Americans between the ages of 15 and 55 will contract at least one sexually transmitted disease. The more you know, the more you can prevent this from happening to you. Below, two incurable [more…]

Displaying and Cutting Your Wedding Cake

The wedding cake is usually displayed from the beginning of the reception, so choose a filling and icing that can hold up for the duration. If you're adding special lighting to the room, add a spotlight [more…]

Dealing with a Lack of Sexual Desire in Women

Many women start out with a low sex drive. Others have problems after they've had children. Still others don't begin to have such problems until after menopause. A number of women also have low desire [more…]

Making Your Marriage More Romantic

When you were courting, all you could think about was how exciting and romantic it was to be together. Back then, you couldn't do enough to please each other. As time passed, you got so accustomed to married [more…]

Marriage Means Communication (Verbal and Non-Verbal)

When couples complain that they're not communicating, they don't realize that wives and husbands can't not communicate. But are you still communicating, even when neither of you is talking? Absolutely! [more…]

Feeding the Crowd at a Family Reunion

Cooking a meal for a large group (family reunion or otherwise) takes planning and stamina. Here's a handy guide to food quantities and food safety, and advice on organizing a potluck party. [more…]

Teaching Honesty and Responsibility to Your Children

Teaching honesty and responsibility takes a considerable amount of time and patience, and it isn't anything like teaching your kids how to tie their shoes, where they understand the basic concept after [more…]

Ten Family Characteristics That Nurture Smart Kids

How do you become a smart family? Eliminate the "I" versus "you" attitude in your home, and you're on your way to raising higher-achieving kids with whom other people want to work and play. You won't be [more…]

Choosing Bouquets and Boutonnieres for Your Wedding

The term personal flowers refers not only to the bride's bouquet and groom's boutonniere, but also to all the flowers worn or carried by attendants, family members, or others you wish to honor. Men often [more…]

Understanding the Basics of Divorce Law

Your divorce may be your first encounter with the legal system (except for that appearance or two in traffic court). Understandably, the prospect of dealing with lawyers, courts, and legal mumbo jumbo [more…]

Sex after a Heart Attack

Not every ailment is visible, and one of the most common problems that affect sexual functioning is a heart attack. [more…]

Being in Charge without Being a Tyrant

The fact that you need to discipline your children is not an open invitation to treat them with a lack of respect or decency. It also doesn't mean that you take on the role of Czar with your children as [more…]

Prelude to Divorce? Formalizing a Legal Separation

If you and your spouse decide to legally separate, you won't live together anymore, but you won't be divorced, either. A legal separation agreement (called a [more…]

Getting the Heads Up on Bridal Veils

Putting on a headpiece and veil may complete the weird transformation, from your daily persona to (hear the cymbals?) your "altar" ego: THE BRIDE! Perhaps this feeling is due to your ancestral blood running [more…]

Dating Dilemma: Breaking Up

If your relationship gives you more misery than pleasure and more pain than fun, sit down with a pencil and paper and figure out what you want and what you're willing to offer to get it. If you discover [more…]

Your Baby's First Year: 6-Month Marker

At 6-months-old, Baby is becoming more mobile, more sociable, and more responsive at playtime. You may find yourself really enjoying this phase of life because Baby may become more predictable and generally [more…]

Deflating Six Common Marriage Myths

The only thing perfect about marriage is the airbrushed wedding photo.

Rather than allowing myths about marriage to undermine your relationship, you should find those truths that help keep relationships [more…]

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