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Getting the Best Monitor and Display for Viewing Digital Images

You use your computer’s monitor display when working with your digital images, so get only the very best display available (that you can afford). For digital photographers, your display and video card [more…]

Computer Monitor Resolution

Like digital cameras, computer monitors (and other display devices) create everything you see on-screen out of pixels. You typically can choose from several monitor settings, each of which results in a [more…]

Computer Printer Resolution

Printer resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi). Printed images are made up of tiny dots of color, and how many dpi the printer can produce defines that printer’s resolution. The higher the resolution [more…]

Choosing a Scanner Resolution for Photos

When you scan photos, choose a scanner resolution based on what you plan to do with the photo and whether you plan to enlarge it. The scanner resolution you choose for your photos impacts not only how [more…]

Process Raw Photos in Bulk for HDR Panoramas

Taking the bracketed high dynamic range photos is only the first part of creating an HDR panorama. Now you need to process your shots as HDR images.

You can, of course, do this the hard way — prepare and [more…]

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