Digital Camera Adjustments

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Auto Focus or Manual Focus for Macro Photography

In macro and close-up photography situations, depth of field tends to become very shallow, so having control of your point of focus is very important. [more…]

How to Configure Your Camera for HDR Photography

One of the most important elements of shooting high dynamic range photography is configuring your camera. You change the settings to optimize the outcome for HDR rather than a traditional digital photograph [more…]

HDR Photography: Metering

High dynamic range photography is generally compatible with multi-metering, which evaluates all the light sources in a scene. You may need to switch modes, however, to take into account very bright or [more…]

Prepare Your Camera for Single-Shot HDR Photography

Switching from high dynamic range back to normal photography can mean changing a few settings on your camera. The great thing about shooting single-shot high dynamic photography is you don’t have to do [more…]

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