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Displaying Digital Photos on Your Own Web Page

If you can get your hands on your own Web page, you can use that Web space to store and display you digital photos. Jazz up your Web page by adding your best digital pictures: [more…]

Storing Digital Image Files on a DVD

You can copy your digital photo files onto a DVD by using your computer’s DVD burner (this figure shows an external DVD burner). A DVD can store more digital images than a CD, and DVD burners have largely [more…]

Using an LCD Hood on Your Digital Camera

If you have difficulty viewing images on your digital camera’s LCD monitor in bright light because of the glare, you may want to invest in an LCD hood. LCD hoods wrap around your camera’s monitor to create [more…]

Taking Digital Photos for News Publications

If you work for a news publication (or want to), your digital camera provides you the perfect tool to capture newsworthy images. When you’re at the scene of a news story in the making: [more…]

How to Make a Screen Saver Out of Your Photos on a Mac

A screen saver is a series of images that display automatically whenever your Mac is idle for a period of time. Screen savers offer a great way to display your favorite digital photos. Screen-saver customization [more…]

Displaying Digital Photos on the Internet

You can post your digital photos on the Web — whether for business or personal use, on a Web site or as an e-mail attachment. To make your Web pictures efficient and effective on the Internet: [more…]

Manipulating Your Digital Photos in Corel PhotoImpact

PhotoImpact is a general-purpose image-editing program that Corel recently acquired. PhotoImpact has been on the market for more than a decade, and it has a particularly strong palette of features. You [more…]

How to Turn a Photo into Your Wallpaper on a PC

Wallpaper is what appears on your Windows-enabled computer’s main screen (the desktop). Instead of sticking with the default wallpaper, you can plaster one of your favorite digital photos on the desktop [more…]

Getting Good-Looking Prints of Your Digital Images on Your Printer

You probably want to make the prints of your digital images look flawless. If you want to make high-quality hard copies of your digital images, you need to get the best output from whatever printer you’re [more…]

Choosing an Image-Editing Program for Your Digital Photos

If you want to edit the photos you take with your digital camera, you have many choices in image-editing programs to do the job. You can get professional-level [more…]

How to Use Tablets and Pens to Edit Your Digital Photos

You may be more comfortable doing image-editing computer program work on your digital photos by using a pen-based graphics tablet, rather than a clunky old mouse. Pressure-sensitive tablets that have cordless [more…]

Selecting by the Edges in Your Digital Image

The term edges refers to areas in your digital image where light areas meet dark areas. Many photo-editing programs allow you to draw a selection outline along an edge. The tool searches for edges near [more…]

Understanding Noise in a Digital Photo

Digital camera sensors have varying degrees of sensitivity to light. The more sensitive the sensor, the better it can capture images in low light levels — but a sensitive sensor also produces noise. [more…]

Posting Your Digital Pictures to an Online Photo-Sharing Site

You can share your photos on the Web by using the services of a photo-sharing site. These sites are usually free (or come as part of another service you pay for), so share your pictures with the World [more…]

Renaming Digital Photo Files on Your Computer

You often need to rename image files on your computer while you work with your digital photos. By renaming your picture files, you can avoid getting your digital pictures confused. To rename an image: [more…]

Selecting Your Entire Image in Your Photo Editor

If you want to change your entire digital photo, most programs allow you to select all pixels in your picture. You can select (or deselect) the whole image in a number of ways, depending on what program [more…]

Finding a Printer that Doesn’t Need Access to a Computer to Print Your Digital Images

Some printers can print directly from digital camera memory cards — no computer required. You insert your memory card into the printer, use the printer’s control panel to set up the print job, and press [more…]

Comparing the Sizes of Digital Camera Types

When you shop for a digital camera, consider all the size options you have. You can find digital cameras the size of credit cards and some the size of professional film cameras. Here are the major groups [more…]

How to Publish Your Digital Photos to Your Blog

Internet blogs are much more interesting when you add images to your blog posts. You can easily upload your digital photos to your blog site, sharing your photographic skill [more…]

Digital Photography Web Sites and Resources

Trying to find a review of a certain digital camera on the Web? Looking for online answers to your digital-image questions? If you want to find some really useful digital photography information on the [more…]

Storing Your Digital Camera

You can store your digital camera in a number of ways. You might need to store your camera and accessories for travel (whether to another country or just down the street), and storing it also helps protect [more…]

Working with Digitally Captured Images

In the early days of digital cameras, downloading images was a complex process that involved connecting your camera to your computer with a special cable and then using a software program to download the [more…]

Protecting Your Digital Camera in Wet Conditions

If you want to take underwater photos with your digital camera or use it in some other watery location (such as on a sailing trip), you can find waterproof gear for your camera that still allows you to [more…]

Adding Up the Cost of Digital Cameras, Hardware, and Software

Digital cameras vary greatly in price, depending on the kind and quality of camera you buy. Hardware you use with your digital camera — such as a memory card — factors into your digital photography costs [more…]

Keeping Your Camera Safe and Working While You Travel

When you’re traveling, you need to take care of your digital camera to keep it in working order. Protect your camera when you travel, and keep that camera safe for many photogenic trips to come. [more…]

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