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Preparing a TIFF Copy of a Digital Image for Publication

You can create a TIFF copy of a digital image easily. For example, if you want to submit a digital photo to a print publication, you need a TIFF-format photo file. To create a TIFF copy of a file in a [more…]

Evaluating a Digital Camera’s Electronic Viewfinder

Some digital cameras come with electronic viewfinders (EVFs), which work like optical viewfinders but use an electronic display to show you the image. Because EVFs form an image by using the signal from [more…]

Translating Your Digital Image Camera Raw Files to Use on Your Computer

Some digital cameras allow you to take pictures in the Camera Raw file format. You can’t open Camera Raw image files on your computer without running them through a Raw converter. Convert Camera Raw files [more…]

How Print Size Affects Image Quality

When you set the print size, you need to consider the quality you’ll get at that size. The larger you print an image, the less defined it becomes. So, the print size plays a big part in the quality of [more…]

Changing the Onscreen Display Size of a Digital Photo with Adobe Photoshop Elements

For onscreen photos, pixel count (resolution) determines the display size of the picture. If you want to change the display size of a digital photo, you must either add or remove pixels from the image [more…]

Your Digital Camera Resolution Options

Camera resolution refers to the number of pixels that a camera can capture, and the resolution for you depends on how you plan to use your pictures. Do you want a resolution that suits pictures on your [more…]

The Components of a Digital Camera’s Image Sensor

All digital cameras’ image sensors are made up of the same components. These components help determine how your camera’s sensor records light and therefore how your image appears. Each sensor includes [more…]

How to Use Your Digital Camera’s Semi-automatic Exposure Options

In addition to regular autoexposure mode, where your digital camera sets both aperture and shutter speed, your camera may offer aperture-priority autoexposure or shutter-priority autoexposure. These options [more…]

How to Shoot an Extreme Close-Up with Digital Camera Accessories

You can find a lot of available digital camera add-ons that can help you focus closer, including filter-like close-up attachments that attach to the front of the camera lens and bellows accessories that [more…]

How to Turn Your Digital Photos into Artwork

If you want to make your digital photo look as though it’s the work of an artist, your image-editing program may offer artistic effects or filters. These art effects [more…]

Considering What it Costs to Use Your Printer

To understand the true cost of a printer, you need to think about how much you’ll pay for consumables each time you print a picture. The cost of printer paper, and toner or ink, can add up quickly. [more…]

Prepping an Image that You Want to Scan

Before you scan an image into your computer, you need to prep that image. Although you might not have a lot of control over the image you need to scan, you can still prepare ahead of time to improve your [more…]

Taking a Tour of the Fireworks MX 2004 Interface

The Fireworks interface is set up to make accessing the tools quick and intuitive. When you start Fireworks, you'll notice that it doesn't create a new document automatically — instead, you see something [more…]

How to Avoid the Shakes in Your Digital Photos

If the photos you take while holding your digital camera in your hands streak the light because your hands shake, you can attempt to sharpen your photos. Because you probably can’t stop the shake in your [more…]

How to Undo Edits to Your Digital Images

While you edit your digital photos in an image-editing program, you’re bound to make a mistake every now and then that you want to undo. Fortunately, you can undo most mistakes by using these undo safety [more…]

How to Pick a Scanner for Creating Digital Images

For digital photography, your scanner choices really boil down to one of three kinds of scanner technology. Each of these scanners offers a different approach to scanning, so choose the one that best suits [more…]

Using Adobe Fireworks to Prepare Your Photos for the Web

Fireworks has all the features you should need to get your digital images ready for the Web. If you plan to edit most of your digital photos for use on the Web, Fireworks makes that kind of editing easy [more…]

Downloading Professional Images Inexpensively

Professional photographs and graphics can transform a simple Web page design into a professional online presentation. But high-quality images can be pricey. For professional, royalty-free images without [more…]

Using Your Digital Camera with a Mac or PC

Most digital cameras work with both Macintosh and Windows-based PCs. You can transfer digital pictures to either kind of computer, and after the image files are on your computer, use whatever Mac or Windows [more…]

Using the Right Focal Length to Take Pictures with Your Digital Camera

Different digital camera lenses have different focal lengths. On a digital camera, focal length measures the distance between the lens and the image sensor [more…]

Refining Your Digital Image Editor’s Selection Outline

It’s hard to get a digital image selection outline just right on the first try. Expect to refine your selection outline at least a little bit. You can refine your outline in a number of ways: [more…]

Using the TIFF File Format for Your Digital Photos

TIFF, which stands for Tagged Image File Format, is designed for folks who don’t want to lose data, which happens with JPEG compression. Although TIFF files aren’t terribly versatile, you may want to use [more…]

Using Professional Printing Services to Print Your Digital Photos

Also known as a service bureau, a professional printing firm offers services to the general public. A printing service takes care of the job of printing your digital photos, so you don’t have to. Before [more…]

Moving Your Digital Image Selection

You can move and copy digital image selections in your photo editor by using the commands Cut, Copy, and Paste. These commands probably appear in the Edit menu. Here’s the Cut/Copy/Paste command routine [more…]

How to Pick a Digital Camera You Can Upgrade

Depending on the type of digital camera you buy, you may be able to upgrade it in the future. You can upgrade all kinds of camera features. To find a camera with great upgrade potential: [more…]

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