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How to Use eBay to Shop for Digital Cameras and Equipment

eBay is a great place to locate digital camera equipment at a price you’re willing to pay. You can find older digital cameras and lenses, as well as difficult-to-find accessories on eBay. To use eBay successfully [more…]

How to Choose a Main Subject for Your Digital Image

When you’re taking pictures with your digital camera, compose your image with one subject in mind. That subject needs to draw the viewer’s eye. Ensure that your main subject is, in fact, the center of [more…]

Managing Digital Photo Files on Your Computer

You can manage the digital photo files on your computer by using some Windows options. Decide how to view your picture files, and where to get and send those picture files. To manage the photos you have [more…]

The Popular Photography Web Site

Popular Photography & Imaging magazine has been the most authoritative resource for serious amateur photographers for longer than most of us have been alive. Its [more…]

Deciding What Scanner Features You Need

Some scanner features are more useful than others for the digital photography inclined. When deciding on a photo-friendly scanner, keep these features [more…]

Adjusting a Pasted Selection in Your Digital Image

Some programs don’t let you move pasted images easily. In the photo editors that do, however, you can adjust the pasted selection without affecting the underlying image. If your editor lets you adjust [more…]

The Types of Image-Editing Filters

If your image editor offers filters, you can apply those filters to your digital photos for a wide range of uses. Whether you want to correct your digital photo or manipulate it for effect, filters can [more…]

Printing a Digital Photo

You can print a digital photo from the photo-editing software on your computer, much like you print any computer file. To print a photo that you’ve downloaded from your digital camera to your computer, [more…]

The Digital Photography Review

Digital Photography Review(usually called just DPReview) is an incredible free digital photography resource online. DPReview is a top-notch site for information about any digital camera. Here are the kinds [more…]

How to Organize Your Photos in Photoshop Album

Photoshop Album can help you organize your photos so that they are easier to find and so that groups of important photos are stored together. To organize your photos using Photoshop Album, simply open [more…]

How to Change the Volume of Your Digital Camera’s Sound Effects

Digital cameras are big on sound effects. Some cameras play a little ditty when the camera is turned on, make a beeping sound to tell you about an adjustment, and emit a little shutter sound when you take [more…]

Using the Right Paper to Print Digital Photos on Your Printer

With printer paper, the better the paper, the more your digital images look like traditional print photographs. If your printer can accept different kinds of paper, you need to evaluate the quality you [more…]

Communicating with Your Photofinisher

Let's face it — a lot of people are meek consumers. They usually take what they get. But if you're serious about getting the best prints that you possibly can from your photofinisher, then it's time to [more…]

How to Establish Your Image Editing Workflow

Establish a workflow that you use to edit your digital photos. A workflow is the order in which you perform all the tasks associated with image editing in particular circumstances. A well-planned workflow [more…]

Storing Digital Image Files on a CD

When you want to store your digital image files affordably and conveniently, copy your files to a CD-ROM, using a CD burner (this figure shows an external CD burner). Burning digital photos onto a CD gives [more…]

Using Basic Image-Editing Software on Your Digital Photos

You can use image-editing software to alter your digital photos in just about any way you see fit. You can use this software to edit appearance problems, edit out excess background, apply special effects [more…]

How to Change the Depth of Field in Photographs

One aspect of focus — depth of field — is controlled in part by the aperture setting. Depth of field refers to how much of an image is in sharp focus. The larger the depth of field, the greater the zone [more…]

Displaying Digital Photos on Your Own Web Page

If you can get your hands on your own Web page, you can use that Web space to store and display you digital photos. Jazz up your Web page by adding your best digital pictures: [more…]

Storing Digital Image Files on a DVD

You can copy your digital photo files onto a DVD by using your computer’s DVD burner (this figure shows an external DVD burner). A DVD can store more digital images than a CD, and DVD burners have largely [more…]

Using an LCD Hood on Your Digital Camera

If you have difficulty viewing images on your digital camera’s LCD monitor in bright light because of the glare, you may want to invest in an LCD hood. LCD hoods wrap around your camera’s monitor to create [more…]

Taking Digital Photos for News Publications

If you work for a news publication (or want to), your digital camera provides you the perfect tool to capture newsworthy images. When you’re at the scene of a news story in the making: [more…]

How to Make a Screen Saver Out of Your Photos on a Mac

A screen saver is a series of images that display automatically whenever your Mac is idle for a period of time. Screen savers offer a great way to display your favorite digital photos. Screen-saver customization [more…]

Displaying Digital Photos on the Internet

You can post your digital photos on the Web — whether for business or personal use, on a Web site or as an e-mail attachment. To make your Web pictures efficient and effective on the Internet: [more…]

Manipulating Your Digital Photos in Corel PhotoImpact

PhotoImpact is a general-purpose image-editing program that Corel recently acquired. PhotoImpact has been on the market for more than a decade, and it has a particularly strong palette of features. You [more…]

How to Turn a Photo into Your Wallpaper on a PC

Wallpaper is what appears on your Windows-enabled computer’s main screen (the desktop). Instead of sticking with the default wallpaper, you can plaster one of your favorite digital photos on the desktop [more…]

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