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Choosing a Scanner Resolution for Photos

When you scan photos, choose a scanner resolution based on what you plan to do with the photo and whether you plan to enlarge it. The scanner resolution you choose for your photos impacts not only how [more…]

How to Make a Screen Saver Out of Your Photos on a PC

A screen saver is a series of images that display automatically whenever your Windows computer is idle for a period of time. Screen savers offer a great way to display your favorite digital photos. Screen-saver [more…]

How to Take Publicity and PR Photographs with Your Digital Camera

You take publicity photos to make someone or something famous, and PR (public relations) photos to make someone or something likeable. You, as the photographer with digital camera at the ready, need to [more…]

Reviewing and Deleting Pictures in Your Digital Camera

It’s easy to delete images from your digital camera’s memory card. Although you delete images a bit differently from different digital camera models, these steps give you the basics for erasing images [more…]

Your Digital Camera’s Memory Card

Your digital camera probably has a slot for a memory card, which can store the digital photos you take. Because a memory card is removable, you can replace it with a different, empty memory card or put [more…]

Using the JPEG File Format for Your Digital Photos

The JPEG file format is standard on every digital camera. And you can convert files to JPEG from other formats on your computer. JPEG is the leading camera format because it creates Web-friendly photos [more…]

The Different Types of Digital Camera Image Sensors

Two main types of sensors are used in digital cameras today: CCD (charge-coupled device) and CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) imagers. Although each type of sensor uses different technology [more…]

Photographing with Your Digital Camera at Night

Don’t put your digital camera away when the sun sets. The world takes on an entirely different look at night, and you can capture that nighttime feel with your camera. When taking night pictures [more…]

Choosing and Setting Up a Tripod for Your Digital Camera

You can stabilize and position your digital camera by attaching it to a tripod. What kind of tripod you get depends on how you plan to use it. To pick out a tripod and then put it to use with your digital [more…]

Shooting Digital Photos with an Optical Zoom

Your digital camera may have an optical zoom, which is an actual, old-fashioned zoom lens (as opposed to a digital zoom). To use your digital camera’s optical zoom for close shots, take these picture-preparation [more…]

Making a Selection in a Digital Image by Using Marquee Tools

Making a selection in your digital image tells your software which pixels to change and which pixels to leave alone. Your editing software probably indicates selection outlines with a blinking, dashed [more…]

Drawing Freehand Selections on Your Digital Image

The freehand selection tools let you select irregular areas of a digital image by tracing around them with your mouse. Frankly, you need a steady hand to draw precise selection outlines. To brave the freehand [more…]

Checking out a Digital Camera’s LCD Viewfinder

LCD (liquid crystal display) viewfinders display more or less the exact digital image that the digital camera will capture. But you can find both good and bad LCDs. Check out a digital camera’s LCD for [more…]

Using Adobe Photoshop Elements to Work with Digital Photos

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a powerful junior version of the full Photoshop program. Elements has most of the functionality, but it lacks some of the standard Photoshop features that the average photographer [more…]

Preparing a TIFF Copy of a Digital Image for Publication

You can create a TIFF copy of a digital image easily. For example, if you want to submit a digital photo to a print publication, you need a TIFF-format photo file. To create a TIFF copy of a file in a [more…]

Evaluating a Digital Camera’s Electronic Viewfinder

Some digital cameras come with electronic viewfinders (EVFs), which work like optical viewfinders but use an electronic display to show you the image. Because EVFs form an image by using the signal from [more…]

Translating Your Digital Image Camera Raw Files to Use on Your Computer

Some digital cameras allow you to take pictures in the Camera Raw file format. You can’t open Camera Raw image files on your computer without running them through a Raw converter. Convert Camera Raw files [more…]

Capturing Better Pictures

People often claim they're constitutionally incapable of taking good pictures — that they're not technical enough, not artistic enough, or just don't have access to good subject matter. Well, guess what [more…]

How Print Size Affects Image Quality

When you set the print size, you need to consider the quality you’ll get at that size. The larger you print an image, the less defined it becomes. So, the print size plays a big part in the quality of [more…]

Changing the Onscreen Display Size of a Digital Photo with Adobe Photoshop Elements

For onscreen photos, pixel count (resolution) determines the display size of the picture. If you want to change the display size of a digital photo, you must either add or remove pixels from the image [more…]

Your Digital Camera Resolution Options

Camera resolution refers to the number of pixels that a camera can capture, and the resolution for you depends on how you plan to use your pictures. Do you want a resolution that suits pictures on your [more…]

The Components of a Digital Camera’s Image Sensor

All digital cameras’ image sensors are made up of the same components. These components help determine how your camera’s sensor records light and therefore how your image appears. Each sensor includes [more…]

How to Use Your Digital Camera’s Semi-automatic Exposure Options

In addition to regular autoexposure mode, where your digital camera sets both aperture and shutter speed, your camera may offer aperture-priority autoexposure or shutter-priority autoexposure. These options [more…]

Photographing Pets

Pets are more stalwart photographic subjects than kids, or grownups for that matter. They don't groan "Oh, no, not again!" when you raise the camera to your eye. They don't make funny faces or deliberately [more…]

How to Shoot an Extreme Close-Up with Digital Camera Accessories

You can find a lot of available digital camera add-ons that can help you focus closer, including filter-like close-up attachments that attach to the front of the camera lens and bellows accessories that [more…]

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