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How to Pose and Direct Your Photo Subjects

You, the digital photographer, sometimes have to arrange a photo. Maybe you need to direct where everyone stands or how those chairs are arranged. Don’t be afraid to play photo stylist, giving direction [more…]

Knowing How to Buy a Digital Camcorder

When you go shopping for a new digital camcorder, you may find the myriad specifications and features overwhelming. Your challenge is to sort through all the hoopla and figure out whether the camera will [more…]

Making Complex Shapes with Fireworks MX 2004

Fireworks MX 2004 introduces a new concept for creating shapes: AutoShapes. You can make these complex shapes simply by choosing them directly from the Rectangle tool's pop-up menu: [more…]

Taking a Grand Tour of Final Cut Pro's Interface

You can expand your Final Cut expertise by taking a tour of its interface — namely its toolbar and the Browser, Viewer, Canvas, and Timeline windows, as shown in Figure 1. Keeping track of all these elements [more…]

How to Take a Portrait Using Broad Lighting

When you shoot a portrait of someone using broad lighting, it widens the subject’s face by emphasizing the side of the face turned toward the camera (the broad side). Use this lighting technique for portrait [more…]

Types of Digital Camera External Flash Units

You can find many different electronic flash units for your digital camera. Before buying flash equipment, though, be sure it works with your digital camera. Choose from several types of digital camera [more…]

How to Take a Great Portrait with Your Digital Camera

Portraits are posed photos that you take in a controlled environment. Creating portraits with your digital camera demands some special skills, but portrait techniques aren’t difficult to master. Take care [more…]

Using a Macro Lens on Your Digital Camera

A macro lens takes a close-up of a small object, which fills the frame of the photo. Your digital camera can use a macro lens (either with a camera mode or with an attachment lens) to take a macro photo [more…]

How to Create Infrared Images on Your Digital Camera

Infrared photos taken with a digital camera have a particular, otherworldly look. In an infrared photo, skies are dark, clouds stand out in sharp relief, and foliage appears ghostly white. Human faces [more…]

Transferring Digital Images from Your Camera to Your Windows Computer

You can easily transfer images from your digital camera to your computer. This camera-to-computer transfer requires that you’ve installed your camera’s driver on your PC. To move photos from your digital [more…]

How to Remove Blemishes from Your Digital Photos with Your Image Editor

If your digital image contains little marks (called artifacts) or your subject has an unsightly pimple, you can easily remove them with your image editor’s Brush or Pencil tool. Painting or drawing over [more…]

Dreamweaver to Fireworks: Image Editing

Suppose that you have a logo on your Web page and your client suddenly wants it in a different color. Normally, this would mean launching another image-editing program, tracking down the logo, opening [more…]

How to Take a Digital Photo in Black and White

Most digital cameras have options for creating black-and-white photos. With most cameras, you just select the black-and-white photo option from a menu, and you can start taking those artistic images in [more…]

Setting Printer Options for Your Digital Photos

To get the best possible prints of your digital photos, you might need to get used to adjusting your printer’s settings each time you plan to print photos. You can do this by adjusting the printer’s properties [more…]

Shooting a Portrait with Your Digital Camera

When you take a portrait picture with your digital camera, you need to consider position (of your camera and your portrait subject) before you shoot. A person wants to be in a portrait photo that flatters [more…]

Categorizing Types of Digital Cameras

Digital cameras fall into several overlapping categories, which are usually defined by a number of features. Specifications that define a category change over time. However, the categories themselves have [more…]

How to Use a Photo as Wallpaper on a Mac

The image that appears on your Mac’s main screen is called the wallpaper. Instead of sticking with the default wallpaper, you can plaster one of your favorite photos on the desktop as wallpaper. [more…]

Investing in Adobe Photoshop to Edit Digital Images

Adobe Photoshop is the digital image-editing program everyone respects. Photoshop allows you to manipulate your digital photos in just about every way. You do have to figure out how to use Photoshop’s [more…]

Taking a Picture of a Moving Subject with Your Digital Camera

You probably want to take pictures on your digital camera of people or things that move. When you’re taking pictures of moving subjects, use these tricks to stop a moving object in its tracks: [more…]

Editing a Layer of a Digital Photo with Adobe Photoshop Elements

You can edit part of an image without changing the rest of it by making changes to a particular layer in Adobe Photoshop Elements. You just need to make sure that the part you want to edit resides on the [more…]

The Advantages to Film Cameras over Digital Cameras

A couple of downside issues about digital photography exist. Digital photography’s negative aspects may or may not outweigh its benefits for you. To help you decide whether digital photography is right [more…]

Getting the Best Monitor and Display for Viewing Digital Images

You use your computer’s monitor display when working with your digital images, so get only the very best display available (that you can afford). For digital photographers, your display and video card [more…]

Using the Rule of Thirds in Your Digital Photos

Use the rule of thirds when framing a photograph with your digital camera. This rule divides the camera frame into three squares across by three squares down, and you position your photo subjects in relation [more…]

Composing a Digital Photo Using Geometric Forms and Patterns

Repeating geometric forms can give you the basis for an interesting digital photograph. You can add variety to your digital photography by including geometric forms and patterns in your photo’s subject [more…]

Avoiding Common Problems with Using a Telephoto Lens

Telephoto lenses have a few potential pitfalls. When you use a telephoto lens on your digital camera, be aware of the problems you may experience. To prevent problems when taking picture with a telephoto [more…]

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