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How to Scan Film to Create a Digital Image

If you want to scan film, you absolutely must make sure the film is clean. Because you enlarge small film images many times when you work with their scanned copies, you magnify the size of the dust or [more…]

Setting Output Resolution to Print Big Pictures

To figure out the biggest size at which you can print your picture at a certain resolution, divide the number of pixels across by the resolution you want. The result gives you the largest print width you [more…]

How to Copy Your Digital Image Slideshow to DVD

In many image-editing programs, you can output your digital image slideshow to a DVD. Then, you can play that DVD on any television that has a DVD player attached. To write your slideshow to a DVD by using [more…]

Brushing a Selection Outline onto Your Digital Photo

Use a tool like Elements’ Selection Brush for complex selection outlines. With this tool, you brush over the areas you don’t want to alter, laying down a digital mask over those pixels. Using the brush [more…]

Using Focus Lock on Your Autofocus Camera

Autofocus point-and-shoot cameras produce terrifically sharp pictures when you use them properly. But getting sharp results sometimes requires telling them where to focus. [more…]

Taking Pictures with Your Digital Camera in Auto Mode

Set your digital camera to Auto Mode and it does the thinking for you. Auto Mode allows your camera to set shutter speed, aperture, focus, decide whether you need flash, and other things. All you need [more…]

How to Change Your Digital Camera’s White Balance

Digital cameras use a process known as white balancing to tell the camera what combination of red, green, and blue light it should perceive as pure white, given the current lighting conditions. With that [more…]

Transfer Images from a Digital Camera to Your PC

When you use a digital camera, eventually you’ll want to transfer the images from the camera onto your PC. To transfer images from a digital camera to your computer, you have two choices: [more…]

Finding the Right Digital Camera Optical Viewfinder

A digital camera’s optical viewfinder is bright and clear, uses no power, and lets you compose your image quickly. But not all optical viewfinders are created equal. You need to evaluate a few optical-viewfinder [more…]

Using Studio Lighting when You Take Your Digital Photos

You can make your digital photos look professional by using studio lighting. Many digital cameras can use high-quality studio lighting kits. These kits, which use very powerful flash heads, provide a predictable [more…]

How to Take a Portrait Using Short Lighting

When you use short lighting, you need to turn your subject’s head so that his or her face isn’t staring directly into the camera. The main light source in short lighting comes from the side of the face [more…]

How to Take Digital Photos in the Early Morning or Late Afternoon

The time of day affects how you can take pictures with your digital camera. The early morning and late afternoon sun requires a certain approach to picture-taking. The morning and afternoon sun is near [more…]

Reducing Red Eye in Your Digital Photos by Using the Flash

The so-called camera red-eye problem happens when the flash reflects in the subject’s eyes, giving them a red glint. Your digital camera’s red-eye reduction mode aims to thwart this phenomenon by firing [more…]

Transferring Digital Photos from Your Memory Card to Your Computer with a PC Card Adapter

Many laptop computers have a slot for connecting PC Card devices (such as modems). You can buy an adapter for your memory cards so that they can fit those slots. After you install an adapter’s software [more…]

Correcting Faded Colors in Your Digital Photos

If you’ve scanned a photo that has faded colors, you can use your image-editing software to try to restore the original colors. You might have to make up some colors, depending on how faded the photo is [more…]

Using Professional Digital Photography Lighting Gadgets

If you’re willing to shell out the cash, you can get some high-quality lighting gadgets to use with your digital camera. Professional lighting tools can make your digital photography life easier, and the [more…]

Getting to Know Digital Camcorders

Before venturing into the world of digital video, you need to know the difference between analog and digital signals and how they relate to video. Analog refers to changing the original signal acquired [more…]

How to Fix an Overexposed Digital Photo

If you accidentally overexpose a photo with your digital camera, you can easily fix it with a duplicate layer and the proper blend mode. As long as none of the overexposed highlights are completely blown [more…]

Comparing Video Editing Programs

Anyone who's had to sit through someone else's amateur home movies knows why video editing software is so crucial. Too many blurry, shaky images, stomach-wrenching zooms, and abrupt pans, and you find [more…]

Shooting Better Digital Video

Once your digital camcorder is configured and set up the way you want it, it's time to start shooting some video. Yay! One of the most important things you'll want to work on as you shoot video is to keep [more…]

Getting to Know Digital Video

Human beings experience the world as an analog environment. When we take in the serene beauty of a rose garden, the mournful song of a cello, or the graceful motion of an eagle in flight, we are receiving [more…]

Change a Photo’s File Format in Adobe Photoshop Elements

You can convert a digital photo’s file format on your computer by using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Elements lets you choose from a list of formats, so you can make your picture file just what you want it [more…]

How to Organize Your Digital Photos in Your Image-Editing Software

You need a consistent file organization in your image-editing software to handle all your editing tasks. Most editing programs including an organizing feature so that you can keep your digital photos easy [more…]

Tweaking How Your Digital Camera Processes Pictures

In your digital camera’s menu, you can probably find options to tweak processing features, such as color saturation and contrast, adjusting the default processing settings. You can control how your camera [more…]

Cropping a Digital Photo with Adobe Photoshop Elements

You can cut, or crop, an image file that you have on your computer by using Adobe Photoshop Elements (or another image-editing program), reducing the image to the cropped area. With an image open in Elements [more…]

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