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Considering Euthanasia for Your Pet

Euthanasia, the technical term for putting a dog to sleep, is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make, and it doesn't get any easier, no matter how many times over the years you face it. Your veterinarian [more…]

Boston Terriers — Personality Aplenty

With a nickname like "American Gentleman," you can expect your Boston Terrier to be good-natured, intelligent, and polite with a sense of humor. But like many American gentlemen, they embody a little bit [more…]

Looking at Power Filters for Your Saltwater Aquarium

A power filter is the one of the easier and least complicated water-filter systems for your saltwater aquarium. The design is simple: Water is pulled into the filter media and pumped back to the tank. [more…]

Preventing Your Puppy from Getting Lost

Although any dog can become lost at any time, sticking around home is especially hard for a puppy or a newly adopted dog to do. After all, he's still not sure where [more…]

Caring for Kitty Teeth

Ensuring healthy teeth and gums for your cat is one area where you and your veterinarian must work together. Dental scalings and polishings by your veterinarian are an important part of preventive medicine [more…]

Lengthening Your Senior Dog's Life

As much as you want your dog to live forever — or even as long as you do — the sad truth is that your canine companion is neither immortal nor able to match the average human being's life span. However [more…]

Choosing a Veterinarian for Your Pet

You and your veterinarian work together to keep your pet healthy, and you want to have a good working relationship. Choosing a reputable veterinarian requires your time and attention. [more…]

Understanding Feline Vaccinations

Call them "shots" if you want, but vaccinations deserve a lot of respect for cutting the rates of infectious disease in cats. A series of vaccines for kittens and annual vaccines for cats are still believed [more…]

Assembling a First-Aid Kit for Your Dog

A basic, in-home first-aid kit could prove invaluable as you and your dog go through life together. You could have your dog from puppyhood to old age and never encounter an emergency situation — or you [more…]

Helping Your Dog Combat Allergies

Dogs with allergies don't usually sneeze or get runny noses like people do. (A few do, however.) Instead, they itch and scratch, chew, lick, and rub their feet, ears, belly, and any part of their body [more…]

Easing the Itchiness on Your Pomeranian

The most common allergens for dogs are flea saliva, pollens, dust mites, and food. If your Pomeranian is itching to scratch for any reason, you can ease the itch at home with several treatments. Here are [more…]

Taking Your Rottweiler to a Dog Park

Keep your Rottweiler on a leash at all times when you are in a park or other public recreation area. Although your well-trained Rottweiler would never think of threatening anyone, many people are thoroughly [more…]

Official Dog Registry Papers for Your German Shepherd

To be sure that your new dog is a bona fide German Shepherd Dog, he needs "papers" — proof of your German Shepherd's pure ancestry. The papers consist of a litter or individual registration certificate [more…]

Giving CPR to a Small Dog

If your small dog collapses and stops breathing, you have no time to lose. You can perform CPR on your pet, preferably while someone else transports you both to the emergency vet clinic. [more…]

Grooming Your Dog for a Show

Successfully grooming your dog for a show requires planning well in advance of the show so you don't run into any surprises the day of the show. The following sections help you prepare for the big day. [more…]

Tending to Your Bulldog's Health

A Bulldog isn't high maintenance, but she does need more care than you may think. The Bully doesn't have a lot of thick, fluffy undercoat to worry about, but Bulldogs do need care. [more…]

Adapting the Environment for Your Senior Dog

Dogs are incredibly adaptable individuals, so a senior pooch with mobility issues will most likely do whatever he can to keep himself moving when necessary. But you can help him deal with his loss of locomotion [more…]

Controlling Feline Parasites

Cats pick up all kinds of parasites -- both internal pests, such as worms, and external ones, such as fleas and ear mites. Your veterinarian may ask you to bring in a fresh stool sample to check for the [more…]

Getting to Know the AKC-Ideal Beagle

The ideal Beagle, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), can look cute but he shouldn't look frail or delicate. He should resemble a miniature Foxhound that is solid and big for his inches, with [more…]

Finding a Reptile or Amphibian That's Right for You

You have to use your own judgment in selecting your reptile or amphibian, no matter where you buy it. Choose one with bright eyes, an alert demeanor, and no visible injuries; and if you can see the animal [more…]

Choosing a Healthy Poodle

No matter where your Poodle comes from, she should be healthy. You may feel sorry for the sick puppy in the corner, but don't take her home. Start with a healthy Poodle, and look for the following: [more…]

Knowing When to Bring Your Amphibian or Reptile to the Vet

Sometimes, being a herp owner seems to require more knowledge upfront than you might have. You can discover a lot, however, about what to expect from your herp by watching him as he feeds, sleeps, moves [more…]

Slimming Down a Pudgy Puppy

Just like humans, too much food and too little physical activity has led to an increase in pudgy pups. And that increase means a lot of dogs are dealing with health problems related to the extra fat they [more…]

Is a Boxer the Right Breed for You?

When you're ready to buy a dog, you need to figure out if a Boxer is the breed for you. You owe it to yourself and to your future dog to be sure that the Boxer breed fits well into your lifestyle. [more…]

Finding an Ideal Dog Kennel

The best way to find the right kennel for your dog is to visit the boarding kennels in your area before you need one. The day you drop off your dog is not the time to discover dirty conditions or broken [more…]

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