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Understanding Turtles and Tortoises

When you think of turtles, do you think of the tiny quarter or half-dollar-sized turtles that used to be sold in pet stores (and in some places still are)? If so, you're not alone. That image is the one [more…]

Choosing Chew Toys for Your German Shepherd

Shepherds love to chew. If you leave them to their own devices, they will chew shoes, furniture, walls, and anything else that will succumb to their vice-grip jaws. [more…]

Keeping a Pet-Friendly Home Clean

If you lay down a few ground rules, sharing your home with an animal needn't mean too much extra work. Don't worry that you might not be able to train your animal well enough to follow house rules — the [more…]

Training Your Puppy Not to Jump on Counters

Jumping on kitchen counters is a hard habit for your puppy to break, but you can train him to stop. Before you begin training the dog, however, you need to understand the reason for jumping. [more…]

Common Characteristics of Dachshunds

Dachshunds have all the basic needs of a dog, but they come with a few of their own special quirks and considerations. If you have your heart set on owning a Dachshund, you must be ready to handle a few [more…]

To Treat or Not to Treat When Housetraining Your Dog

Many expert dog trainers use treats as the foundation of their training philosophy, known in most circles as positive reinforcement. Proponents of positive reinforcement rely on treats and other rewards [more…]

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Designer Dogs

A designer dog is a dog whose parents were both purebred dogs of different breeds. For example, a Golden Doodle has one parent who is a purebred Golden Retriever, and another parent who is a purebred Poodle [more…]

Getting the Basics about Iguanas

The first thing to know when considering an iguana for a pet is that several different types of related lizards have the word iguana in their name, including the helmeted and casque-headed iguanas [more…]

Getting Your Dog to Behave When the Doorbell Rings

The doorbell rings, and here's what happens: Your dog runs to the door with paws flying everywhere, jumps all over the arriving guests, and, because all eyes are on him, gets even more wound up -- until [more…]

Choosing a Cat or Kitten: Which Is Better for You?

When people think about adding a cat to their lives, they seem to automatically think "kitten." And why not? A kitten seems to make perfect sense, a little fluffball who'll grow into your household and [more…]

Controlling Canine Parasites

When people use the generic term worms in describing puppy parasites, they are usually talking about roundworms, or ascarids. That's because hardly a single puppy avoids being born infested with the pest [more…]

Teaching Your Bird the Step-Up Command

"Step up," or just plain "Up," is the most important command you teach your bird. When you ask your bird to perform this motion, he should step up onto whatever you're offering, be it your finger [more…]

Determining the Heritage of Your Mixed-Breed Dog

The best way to figure out the breeds that make up your mixed-breed dog is to look through an encyclopedia of purebred dogs. (A mixed-breed dog is one who has been conceived by two different purebred or [more…]

Getting to Know the Bulldog Personality

Bulldogs possess behavioral quirks specific to their breed that you should seriously consider before you invest in one of the breed. If any of the traits mentioned in this article doesn't fit your lifestyle [more…]

Reading an Iguana's Body Language

Iguana communication is physical. Their words are formed by the arrangement of their body and body parts (posture), movements (stylized walking, strutting, bobbing), and use of three-dimensional space [more…]

Selecting a Perch for Your Bird

Gravity being what it is, even a creature made for flying spends a lot of time on his feet. And considering the need to keep wings trimmed for safety, pet birds spend even more time on their feet than [more…]

Recognizing Common Iguana Injuries

An iguana can be injured several ways. Sometimes the injury is obvious; sometimes it's not. When the injuries are minor, you can often treat the injury yourself, but knowing whether an injury is minor [more…]

Dealing with Algae in Your Aquarium

No matter what you do to keep your aquarium clean, you'll always have some type of algae in your aquarium system. You can keep it under control with live plants, algae-eating fish, scrapers, and other [more…]

Giving an Iguana a Bath

Unlike mammals and birds, iguanas don't clean or groom themselves. Iguanas in the wild seem to rely on brushing against rough bark and plunging into bodies of water to remove the grime and parasites that [more…]

Feeding Your Pet Amphibian or Reptile

In the wild, reptiles and amphibians (collectively known as herps) tend to be wanderers, moving about during their active time. (Some herps are active at day, some at dawn and/or at dusk, and others during [more…]

Dealing with "Cotton Wool" Fungus on Your Koi

Cotton wool or cotton ball disease is a charming name for Saprolegnia — a nasty fungus that grows when bad water quality stresses your koi. Expect to find it when the water contains quantities of uneaten [more…]

Understanding a Siberian Husky's Sleep Style

Noting the body position of your Siberian Husky as he sleeps reveals a lot about his comfort levels and his self-image. In cold weather, the Siberian Husky does what is known in the trade as the Siberian [more…]

Are You the Right Type for a Labrador Retriever?

You may be sure that you're ready for a dog, but are you the right kind of companion for a Labrador Retriever? To thrive, these energetic dogs require exercise, space, companionship, and good health care [more…]

Giving Your Dog His Medicine

There aren't many food items that some dog lover hasn't popped a pill into to try to get their dog to eat it. Peanut butter and hot dogs have always been popular, but cheese [more…]

Small-Size Shih Tzu: Imperial or Teacup

The Imperial Shih Tzu, also called the Teacup Shih Tzu, is a super-small version of a Shih Tzu. These names aren't official, and neither the American Kennel Club [more…]


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