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Choosing Compatible Fish for a Saltwater Aquarium

When deciding on fish for your saltwater aquarium, the species you choose should be compatible in size, attitude, and dietary needs. After all, your saltwater fish will be living in the confined space [more…]

Ten Rules for Training a Retired Racing Greyhound

Training your retired racer will help him live more comfortably and happily in your home. In this article, you'll find ten simple rules to follow when training your hound. [more…]

Is a Siberian Husky Right for You?

Siberian Huskies are beautiful animals, but before you decide to get one, figure out if the two of you are a good match. Huskies require an enormous amount of attention. They are strong-willed animals, [more…]

Essential Grooming: Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

Dogs don't get cavities the way humans do, but they do get plaque, tartar, and gingivitis — all of which can cause foul breath and tooth problems. Trips to the doggie dentist can end up being costly, and [more…]

Clipping Your Cat's Claws

The hardest part of clipping your cat's claws is getting your cat to cooperate. Sometimes this task requires a tremendous amount of patience. But remember, if you get only one claw done a night, don't [more…]

Giving Herbs to Pets

You can save your pets needless trauma and save yourself expensive veterinary bills by using your herbal medicine chest or herb garden as a pet pharmacy. To start using healing pet herbs, try these common [more…]

Training Your Dog to Pick Up Her Toys

If your house has begun to look like a minefield littered with toys, you might want to teach your dog the command "Tidy Up! [more…]

Knowing When Your Rabbit Needs Emergency Treatment

Just like other pets (and people, too) rabbits can require emergency treatment. An illness or injury may mean that your rabbit needs immediate help, even before you take him to a veterinarian. Suddenly [more…]

Spinal Disk Injury in Dachshunds

Despite taking preventive measures, a Dachshund sometimes will suffer a disk herniation where the disk bulges out from between the vertebrae in the spinal column. If this happen to your dog, you must know [more…]

Managing Separation Anxiety in Jack Russell Terriers

All dogs are social by nature, as proven by the formation of packs. When you separate your puppy from his littermates, you and your family effectively become his pack. When you have to be gone, whether [more…]

Potty Training Your Bird

One of the less pleasant aspects of sharing your life with a bird is dealing with the droppings. When the droppings land on the paper at the bottom of the cage, that's fine, but nobody likes cleaning droppings [more…]

Bringing Your New Bird Home

The day you bring your bird home is the day the world changes for you both. For you, this is the grand moment when all your research and admiration of birds suddenly becomes quite real. [more…]

How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Dog's Housetraining

Housetraining isn't always a simple matter. Different factors can affect where and when you want your pooch to potty, as well as her ability to learn what you want her to know. Your lifestyle can complicate [more…]

Training Your Dog to Settle in One Spot, on Command

Getting your dog to settle down in one spot is one of those lessons that you appreciate for the rest of your life. Pick an area, or station, for your dog in each room, preferably a spot that is to the [more…]

Training Your Puppy Not to Jump on People

You can train your puppy to not jump on people as they enter your home. (Otherwise, they'll be wondering why you didn't correct your dog's behavior before he made a habit of greeting people with barks [more…]

Dealing with Problem Barking

Excessive barking is one problem that often puts dogs on the road to the shelter. What's more, it also puts them at risk from the people in your neighborhood: The poisoning of a nuisance barker is all [more…]

Dealing with Your Dog's Pack-Mentality Aggression

Aggressiveness in dogs comes in three types (or drives): prey, pack, and defense. The triggers are different in each drive, and so is the management, or cure. Discovering how to anticipate your dog's reaction [more…]

Reducing Separation Anxiety in Your Chihuahua

Most mature dogs catch a nap when their owners leave the house, but some pitch a fit when they're home alone. They may chew on the carpet, shred the toilet paper, urinate, bark nonstop, or any combination [more…]

Fitting Personality Plus into a Pug

Although Pugs love to be taken care of, they also like to pay attention to their owners. They have loving and affectionate personalities, which means they're perfect companions for anyone who likes to [more…]

Considering Age when Choosing a Parrot

Because many parrots are long-lived, you have the opportunity to welcome a baby or a senior into your home. Yes, there's a difference between baby behavior and adult behavior, but even if you get a baby [more…]

The Adolescent and Adult Boxer

Depending on your lifestyle, a Boxer puppy might not a good fit. Instead, consider a young adult Boxer, or a more mature dog, or even an old-timer. (Don't discount older dogs. Often, the older fellow who [more…]

Being the Top Dog in Your Home

It's imperative when dealing with a dominant or aggressive dog that you become his leader — the alpha dog — in no uncertain terms. Use these strategies every day to remind your dog that you're the top [more…]

Common Health Problems in Labrador Retrievers

While Labrador Retrievers tend to be healthy, some genetic disorders do occasionally occur. These are some of the more common genetic disorders in Labrador Retrievers: [more…]

Introducing Your New Yorkshire Terrier to Other Family Pets

Your human children, if you have any, are probably gleeful that the new Yorkie is finally home. Your other animal companions, however, may be much less enthusiastic. Your task is to make the introductions [more…]

Problem-Solving Troublesome Bird Behaviors

You've had your bird a while now. You've perfected his cage and environment to make sure that happy. And you've trained him to make him accept your role as boss. Now, you can start to work on his individual [more…]


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