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Strive to Hit Milestones after Receiving Crowdfunding Investing Funds

In your business plan and in your crowdfund investment campaign pitch, you told the crowd what you needed to do, when you needed to do it, and how you were going to do it. Those are your milestones. Summarize [more…]

Fiscal Responsibility and Crowdfund Investing

No matter what crowdfunding source you use for your business, you have to be careful with your spending and try to make it last. But when you add equity or debt investors into the mix — people who expect [more…]

Communicate Your Actions to Crowdfund Investors

During your crowdfund investing campaign, you used all the communication tools at your disposal to express your need for capital. When the campaign is complete and the capital is in hand, you must continue [more…]

Establish a Board of Advisors for Your Crowdfund Investing Business

A board of advisors doesn’t supervise you or your crowdfund investing business. Instead, it’s a group of individuals — the smartest, most well-connected people you can find — who can become your biggest [more…]

Ask Your Crowdfund Investors for Marketing Support

How can your crowdfund investors help you market your brand in your community? Be strategic as you review your list of investors and their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles. This step is important so you [more…]

Encourage Crowdfund Investors to Become Passionate Customers

One of the powerful things about crowdfund investing is that it enables you to turn your investors into your most passionate consumers. Have you ever made an investment in a public company that sells a [more…]

Year Two: Preparing for the End of the One-Year Stock Holding Period

A 12-month holding period exists on the shares you sell to equity investors during your crowdfund investing campaign. As the 12-month period comes to an end, make sure that you’re ready for it. Investors [more…]

Reach Out to Your Crowdfunding Investors for More Money

At some point after your initial crowdfund investing campaign has succeeded, you’ll likely find yourself thinking about tapping into this funding source again. You don’t want to do so too quickly; starting [more…]

Why Your Crowdfund Investors Differ from Other Stockholders

A crowdfund investor acts differently from the typical stock investor because of the relationship he has with the entrepreneur. After all, how often does a stockholder actually know the company founder [more…]

Keeping Crowdfund Investors Engaged Even If Progress Is Slow

Even if you’re experiencing problems, your crowdfund investors can handle the turbulence as long as you’re honest and forthright. Whereas a typical stockholder may pull out of a company at the first sign [more…]

Make Outbound Communication with Your Crowdfund Investors a Priority

Outbound communication is the kind that you initiate; it’s not communication solely in response to questions, demands, or emergencies. Your goal in creating an outbound communication plan is to make it [more…]

Craft a Useful Annual Report for Crowdfund Investors

After you make it through a full year in business (with crowdfund investors onboard to boot!), you get to create an annual report that reflects what you’ve accomplished. If you’re familiar with the slick [more…]

What to Communicate to Crowdfund Investors Each Week

First and foremost, crowdfund investors expect you to focus on your business, so you don’t have to spend five or ten hours a week on communication. Instead, take one hour per week to scan e-mails that [more…]

What to Communicate to Crowdfund Investors Monthly or Quarterly

A monthly or quarterly review sent to your crowdfund investors should be an opportunity for you to look at your long-term goals (which, for a small business, may extend out a quarter, six months, or a [more…]

Do Not Pivot without Telling Your Crowdfund Investors

Pivot is a buzzword these days, sort of like re-engineering and business disruption. If you pivot — if you change the core of your business — you absolutely [more…]

Choose the Right Results for Your Crowdfund Investing Business

When you’re creating a business plan for your crowdfund investing opportunity, you have to determine what results you’re aiming for. In the case of a brand-new or very young business, chances are, those [more…]

How to Deal with Bad Publicity Regarding Your Crowdfund Investing Business

Business customers and crowdfund investors can now visit an online review site and write anything they want about their customer experience, your product, or your service. Bad publicity used to mean photos [more…]

How to Interrupt a Crowdfund Investing Campaign Midstream

You may need to cancel a crowdfund investing project immediately post-funding, you may decide that you need to stop your campaign midstream. If that happens, here’s what you need to do: [more…]

How to Extend a Crowdfund Investing Project's Timeline

After you successfully raise your funding through crowdfund investing and start your company, you have a timeline that you’ve set for your company with goals that you want to stick to. But along the way [more…]

Appease the SEC if Cancelling a Crowdfund Investing Project

When you make the decision to cancel your crowdfund investing project, you need to take the appropriate steps to make sure you’re compliant with the Securities and Exchange Commission [more…]

How to Restart a Crowdfund Investing Project

If you get the opportunity to refocus on your startup or your plans for growing your business, you must be able to communicate with your former and new potential crowdfund investors why you’re worth the [more…]

Balance Risks and Rewards when Crowdfund Investing

The younger you are, the more risky you may be with your crowdfund investments. You may truly believe that nothing will go wrong. (And if anything does go awry, you’ll likely recover much faster and less [more…]

Diversify Your Crowdfund Investing Portfolio

If you haven’t been scared you away from crowdfund investing yet, that means you probably have some tolerance for financial risk. How much tolerance? That’s a question only you can answer [more…]

Crowdfund Investing Should Be Small Percentage of Investments

You should never put more than 10 percent of your financial portfolio into crowdfund investments. (You may even consider something closer to the 5 percent range.) This limit is wise even if more than 10 [more…]

Establish Personal Connections to Your Crowdfund Investments

The premise of crowdfund investing is that you put your money into ventures run by people you know and trust — or by people who have a secondary connection to you. What does a secondary connection look [more…]


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