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How to Use the Magic Numbers Retracement Theory

The “magic numbers” theory about how retracements should form is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers. This theory says that a retracement is most likely to stop at one of a series of numbers, with [more…]

How to Deal with Randomness in the Stock Market

Technical traders acknowledge that random events can and do cause a stock to have an occasional wild price departure from the norm, but the acknowledgement doesn’t alter the expectation that prices will [more…]

How to Choose Your Stock Trading Style

Generally, stock market traders tend to have one of two personal trading styles, and the style dictates the holding period. In a perfect world, as a stock trader, you first determine whether your security [more…]

How to Buy Stocks on the Rumor, Sell on the News

Buy on the rumor, sell on the news is a primary cause of technical price developments, and in many instances, the only “technical analysis” that commentators mention. When you “buy on the rumor” and then [more…]

How to Draw Rules-Based Trading Chart Trendlines

You can draw any old line that your eye dictates when creating trendlines on a trading chart, but rule-based trendlines have a long history of actually working to improve trading results, in part because [more…]

Technical Analysis For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Need help making trading decisions in securities markets? Technical analysis is a collection of techniques that can help you do that. Discover 15 trading secrets that can help you beat the market, figure [more…]

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