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How to Play Mixolydian Mode on the Guitar

On the guitar,Mixolydian is the fifth mode of the major scale. It’s the sound you hear when the 5th scale degree is functioning as the tonic. Because it features a major 3rd and centers on a major chord [more…]

How to Play Aeolian Mode on the Guitar

On the guitar,Aeolianmode, the sixth mode of the major scale, is the sound that’s created when the 6th scale degree functions as the tonic. Because it features a minor 3rd and centers on a minor chord, [more…]

Basics of the Harmonic Minor Scale on the Guitar

Before you dive into the harmonic minor scale on the guitar, you need to understand the concept of dominant function. Basically, dominant function is the tendency of the dominant chord, chord V, to pull [more…]

How to Outline the V7 Chord on the Guitar

The raised 7th in the harmonic minor scale on the guitar is the same pitch as the 3rd of the V7 chord. For example, in A harmonic minor, the Gs is also the 3rd of E7. When you play the Gs over E7, you’re [more…]

Basics of Harmonic Minor Scale Patterns on the Guitar

When you’re ready to cover the entire fretboard on the guitar with the harmonic minor scale, you have a couple of choices to make. First, you have to decide how you want to organize the notes of the harmonic [more…]

How to Mix Up the Blues Scale Options on the Guitar

Blues-based music on the guitar usually applies all three of the scales (that is, the major and minor pentatonic, as well as the full dominant scale) by mixing them up on the fretboard. To begin this mix [more…]

How to Play Twelve-Bar Blues on the Guitar

After you know how to approach a dominant 7th chord in a blues fashion on the guitar, you’re ready to tackle a whole chord progression. The most common type of blues chord progression is the so-called [more…]

How to Play the Blues Scale on the Guitar

You can’t talk about blues on the guitar without mentioning the so-called blues scale, which is really just a pentatonic scale with a chromatic passing tone. This added scale tone is a f5th in the minor [more…]

How to Play Chord Progressions with Open Chords on the Guitar

You can track chord progressions in the open position on the guitar, although doing so takes some extra work and requires that you identify the actual note name of each chord. To play in the key of G using [more…]

How to Play the Major Scale as Five Smaller Patterns on the Guitar

The notes of the major scale are located all over the guitar neck. To make the major scale more useful, you break it into smaller positions, or patterns, that are easier to finger and memorize. You then [more…]

How to Apply the Pentatonic Scale on the Guitar

When you apply the pentatonic scale to music on the guitar, the general rule is to match the scale to the tonic. If the tonic is a major chord, then play the same corresponding major pentatonic scale. [more…]


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