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Drawing For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Discover everything you need to know to get started with drawing, including what supplies and styles to use to create different types of drawings. You'll also find ways to come up with ideas about what [more…]

How to Visit an Art Museum

Even if you’re not a professional curator or art director, you can visit an art museum the ways the pros do. Just use the tips in the following list: [more…]

The Greatest Art Works of Western Civilization

Any compilation of the greatest art is sure to be subjective. But the works in the following list are the ones that made the cut for Thomas Hoving, former director of New York's Metropolitan Museum of [more…]

Tips for Appreciating and Evaluating Art

Art is for enjoyment, fun, lifting your spirits. Looking at art should be a pleasurable, immediate experience. You can read about art, but looking at it is the only way to appreciate it. To enlarge your [more…]

Art For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Appreciating art is as easy as making a trip to your local museum where you can compare notes and make your own judgment about whether a work is any good or not. Art recognized as great works today were [more…]

Templar Architecture

The Templars were ambitious builders who modeled much of their architecture after Byzantine examples. The following list shows elements of Templar architecture and explains their uses: [more…]

Focusing on the Elements of Composition in Drawing

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: [more…]

Do’s and Don’ts of Buying Artwork

When it comes to buying art, there is one main rule: Buy what you love and can afford regardless of the type of art. Don’t hesitate to hang different types of art together. The only time you shouldn’t [more…]

How to Draw a Fun Cartoon Character

One enjoyable and challenging part of being a cartoonist is the ability to create interesting human characters. Cartoon characters, like their human counterparts, are made of various components. Knowing [more…]

Drawing Supplies for the Budding Cartoonist

Having the necessary drawing supplies is essential for cartooning. An arts and crafts store has a wide range of art supplies, but you don’t want to overdo it and buy too much especially — if you’re just [more…]

Drawing Cartoons and Comics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to try your hand at drawing cartoons and comics, start by purchasing the basic tools and equipment you need for your drawing workspace. Once you’re ready to start drawing, here are some easy [more…]

How to Draw Torsos on Your Fashion Figures

In fashion figures, a couple of trapezoids on top of each other give you the basic idea of the torso’s shape, but you need armholes, leg holes, crotches, breasts, and pecs to turn a shape into a person [more…]

How to Choose a Good Pose for Your Fashion Drawings

Not all poses you see on real-life models translate well onto paper, but it’s helpful to recognize different poses and understand what types of poses work well with different types of clothing. [more…]

Fashion Drawing: How to Sketch a Basic Figure

When drawing fashion illustrations, you first create a rough sketch of the body, also referred to as a croquis. Then you draw the clothes that go on top. [more…]

Make Your Fashion Drawing Art Reflect Your Personal Style

As you get comfortable with pencil and paper, work on incorporating a technique or two that tells the viewer that this drawing was done by you, not one of the hundreds of other artists out there. Here [more…]

The Field of Fashion Illustration

Back in the days before the Internet and great cameras, fashion illustrators were essential for showing a designer’s creations. Today, you find fewer true fashion illustrators who make their living through [more…]

How to Pick Out Paper for Your Fashion Drawings

You may be torn between buying a pad of paper or individual sheets for your fashion drawings. When you’re starting out, buy pads of drawing paper because you get more bang for your buck. [more…]

How to Evaluate Pencils for Fashion Drawing

Why are some pencils so popular for fashion artists? Because folks have used them since kindergarten! They’re the comfort food of art supplies. You use pencils to begin your sketch, put the finishing touches [more…]

How to Pick Permanent Markers for Fashion Drawings

You can use markers for a variety of purposes in fashion drawing. Some artists love to add marker lines over a pencil sketch to get that sharp, clean look [more…]

Basic Lines, Curves, and Shapes in Fashion Drawing

All fashion drawings consist of lines, curves, and geometric shapes. Figuring out how to draw smooth, flowing lines and shapes that vary from dark to light, thick to thin, and bold to subtle isn’t always [more…]

Create a Basic Stick Figure for Fashion Drawing

Drawing a stick figure, or line figure, is a perfect way for beginners to get comfortable with basic figures for fashion drawing, and it serves as a refresher for people who’ve done figure drawing before [more…]

How to Draw a Fashion Stick Figure in Profile

When drawing a stick figure from the side for your fashion sketches, start with an 8-head count. A stick figure drawn from the side looks a bit more relaxed because you show a bit of a curve in the spine [more…]

How to Draw Heads for Basic Fashion Figures

Start with a basic oval when drawing a head for your fashion drawings. Take a look at your head in a mirror. Ignore your facial features and hair, and see that your head is longer than it is wide — the [more…]

How to Draw the Neck and Shoulders for Fashion Figures

A fashion head is basically an oval to which you attach a beautiful upper body. Start with the neck and add in shoulders to see your fashion figure start to come alive. Breaking figure drawings down into [more…]

How to Draw Arms on Fashion Figures

When making fashion sketches, you have to draw the arms in proportion to the rest of the body, or your drawing will look very off-balance. A common beginner’s mistake is to make the arms too short, so [more…]


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