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Filmmaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The responsibilities of a filmmaking team can be compared to those of the host of people needed to pull off a fine-dining experience from the director/chef to the production assistants/servers. As a filmmaker [more…]

Important Ballet Terms to Know

Whether you're practicing ballet in the studio or dancing ballet for a performance, it's important to know the lingo. The following list shows some basic ballet terms with pronunciation guides, as well [more…]

The Five Basic Ballet Positions

All ballet steps start from one of five positions, and these basic ballet positions involve your whole body — how you hold your arms is as important as what you do with your feet. The following figures [more…]

For Ballet Injuries, Think RICE

Ballet dancers know that injuries such as pulled muscles and tendons are common — rigorous rehearsals combined with extreme positions can do that. To treat ballet injuries, remember the acronym [more…]

Ballet For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Ballet is a beautiful and demanding art form, with positions and moves to memorize and, often, strained muscles to heal. From the five basic positions — from which all ballet moves emanate — to the [more…]

Examining the Various Film Shots

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: [more…]

How to Choose the Right Actors for Your Video Marketing Campaign

Suppose that you’re holding an audition to cast the roles in your marketing video. You watch as a series of actors read the lines from your script. As you watch, you immediately start picking out the actors [more…]

Pros and Cons of Casting Professional Actors for Your Video Marketing Campaign

When you cast a professional actor for your marketing video, you bring in a specialist — an outsider who is providing expert help. Despite knowing nothing about your business or product, a professional [more…]

How to Create an Effective Casting Notice for Your Marketing Video

When it’s time to search for actors for your marketing video, your best bet is hold auditions by way of a casting call — an invitation for actors to audition for your project. [more…]

How to Run a Successful Audition for Your Marketing Video

You post the casting notice for your marketing video, and your inbox becomes flooded with submissions. After you sort out the best picks and toss the rest, it’s time to hold your audition. To run your [more…]

How to Find Excellent Amateur Actors for Your Marketing Video

When you start looking at people from your professional or personal life as possible actors for your marketing video, you have to adopt a director’s eye. The next time you interact with them, for example [more…]

How to Coax Oscar-Worthy Performances from Non-Actors for Your Marketing Video

Professional actors have the training and experience to hit their marks and deliver the performances you need for your marketing video. Non-actors lack this background experience, and may feel lost in [more…]

How to Cast behind the Camera of Your Marketing Video

You may be forced to use a crew that has little or no experience in making a marketing video. Do not be daunted by this scenario. A shoot using a simple three-person crew — a director, producer, and camera [more…]

Must-Have Demos to Showcase Your Voice Acting

As a voice actor, you need to have recorded demos that indicate your abilities and skills to prospective clients. Voice-over demos fall into four main categories, each having their own purpose, style of [more…]

Tips for Great Voice-Over Performances

When giving a great performance as a voice actor, you need to get a strong feel for the script writer’s intentions for writing the script. Get inside the script and read between the lines. The following [more…]

Creative Ways to Market Yourself as a Voice Actor

If you feel like your efforts aren’t hitting the mark or are irregular at best, you can get proactive! You can build your roster of clients in several ways in addition to just auditioning. Although responding [more…]

Voice Acting For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Ever wanted to use your voice to make a living but just didn’t know how or what to do? Voice acting is one of the greatest ways that you can use your instrument and also make money. As a voice actor, you [more…]

What Are the SAG Awards and Who Won in 2012?

Through its annual awards program, The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) celebrates individual and troupe performances in film and television. SAG Awards honor male and female actors in leading and supporting [more…]

What Are the Golden Globes?

The Golden Globe Awards are a series of awards given by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for outstanding television and film. The awards are presented at a formal ceremony and dinner, which is part [more…]

A Brief History of the Oscars

The Academy Awards, casually called the Oscars, is a formal awards ceremony to honor the best achievements in filmmaking from the previous year. The Academy Awards, from the nomination and voting processes [more…]

The Life, and Short Career, of James Dean

James Dean was a film actor who remains an icon of both Hollywood and American pop culture — despite that fact that his movies are nearly 60 years old and his career consisted of only three major roles [more…]

Getting Familiar with Some Essential Film Studies Terms

Being able to talk the talk is essential when comparing notes with other film buffs or when starting out on a film studies course. To that end, here’s a basic glossary of terms that are vital when analysing [more…]

Studying Film with Different Film Theory Approaches

Film theory sometimes seems difficult and complicated, but fundamentally it’s a range of different tools that you can use to explain how film works. Following are a few of the most helpful theoretical [more…]

Film Movements in Cinematic History

Trying to get your head around global film history is a challenge, and so knowing the most important moments or movements over the decades is helpful. Following are some of the best-known filmmaking movements [more…]

Film Studies For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you’re preparing to study film at university or you simply have a passion for cinema, having some of the essential info under your belt before you get underway can really help you set out on the [more…]


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