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How to Use Left-Hand Muting to Create a Crisp Guitar Rhythm

When it comes to rhythm guitar, you need to learn how to stop the strings. Just listen to blues rhythm guitar and you'll hear that it’s not one repetitive wall of sound, but an open, varied sound with [more…]

How to Create the Six-Note Blues Scale on Guitar

The pentatonic scale is a wonderful invention for guitarists — and can save you from sounding bad during a guitar solo. On the flip side, because this is such a [more…]

Expanding the Blues Scale with Sweet Notes

In blues, rock, and jazz guitar, there are times when you want to add extra interest to the blues harmony. You can do this by adding a sweet note — an extra chromatic note not found in the six-note blues [more…]

How to Play Pinch Harmonics on Electric Guitar

Guitarist Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top set the standard of "soulfulness" in the rock guitar world with his smoldering pinch harmonic solos. You can add soulfulness to your guitar music by learning how to [more…]

How to Play an E Major Chord in the Guitar

The backbone of guitar playing is the basic chord, and learning how to play an E major chord is a great place to start. A chord is defined as the simultaneous sounding of three or more notes of different-named [more…]

Adding Intros, Turnarounds, and Endings to the 12-Bar Blues Progression

Although the 12-bar blues progression has a signature blues sound, if you plan to play blues, rock, or jazz guitar on a regular basis, you'll want to learn how to accessorize the 12-bar blues. Intros, [more…]

Using Slide Guitar for the Blues

There is a strong tradition in using slide guitar for the blues. Slide guitar became a stylistic choice over fretted guitar by players who didn’t have the skills or patience to fret the guitar and found [more…]

Proper Slide Guitar Technique

Slide guitar is physically easy in one sense — just drag a slide over the strings, and you can instantly hear the effect, right? However, proper slide guitar technique is not quite that simple. It can [more…]

How to Evaluate a Guitar

When you go shopping for a new guitar, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the number of guitars available in every style. It's important to know how to evaluate a guitar's quality to ensure that you are getting [more…]

How to Test a Guitar Amp before You Buy

It is important to know how to test an electric guitar amplifier before you buy one to ensure that it meets your needs. When choosing an amp, you need to take several things into consideration, such as [more…]

Examining Different Types of Electric Guitar Amps

There are many things to consider when choosing among amp styles for electric guitar. The type of amp is defined by the sound-producing technology it uses, and the technology used affects the way your [more…]

Tuning for Slide Guitar: Standard or Open?

Slide guitar can be played in standard or open tunings, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. Learning the various different methods to tune for slide guitar will give you more options to let [more…]

Guitar Tablature: "Bourrée in E Minor" by J.S. Bach

There are some songs that all classical guitar players will come across at one time or another. Learning how to play "Bourrée in E Minor" on guitar will give your classical skills a chance to shine. This [more…]

Guitar Tablature: "Greensleeves"

"Greensleeves" is an old English folksong that has a classic melody that is used in several songs. Learning how to play "Greensleeves" on guitar will give you a chance to practice and demonstrate a wide [more…]

How to Use the 5th-Fret Tuning Method on a Bass Guitar

There are three ways to tune a bass guitar to itself: the 5th-fret method, the 7th-fret method, or the harmonics method. Knowing how to use the 5th-fret tuning method on a bass guitar is a great tool. [more…]

How to Tune a Guitar Using an Electronic Tuner

The quickest and most accurate way to tune your guitar is to employ an electronic tuner. You need to know how to tune a guitar using an electronic tuner or some other fixed source if you want to play with [more…]

How to Tune a Guitar from the Piano

One of the most common ways to tune a guitar to a standard pitch is to use a piano. You need to know how to tune a guitar using a piano or some other fixed source if you want to play with other instruments [more…]

How to Tune a Guitar Using a Pitch Pipe

One way to tune a guitar simply and without a lot of fuss is with a pitch pipe. You need to know how to tune a guitar using a pitch pipe or some other fixed source if you want to play with other instruments [more…]

How to Tune a Guitar Using a Tuning Fork

Once you get good enough at discerning pitches, you will be able to tune the guitar using a single-pitched tuning reference like a tuning fork. If you know how to tune a guitar with a tuning fork or some [more…]

How to Tune Up a New Electric Guitar Amplifier

When you start working with an amplifier, you need to know how to tune it up properly so that when you play your guitar, you don't blow it out. Every amp is different, so you'll want to familiarize yourself [more…]

How to Find the Right Position for Your Bass Guitar

Strapping on your bass guitar is not a simple as you might think. You need to know the right way to adjust the guitar strap in order to keep the bass in the perfect position while you play. The better [more…]

How to Position Your Left Hand for Bass Guitar

Knowing proper left-hand position for bass guitar will make fretting chords and fingering strings simpler because the left hand will be more comfortable. By keeping it loose and relaxed, you'll be able [more…]

How to Position Your Right Hand for Pick-style Bass Guitar Playing

Although there are many popular right-hand techniques for bass guitar, it is important to learn how to position your right hand for pick-style playing, which is one of the most popular styles. Many bass [more…]

How to Position Your Right Hand for Slap-style Bass Guitar Playing

If you know how to properly position your right hand for slap-style playing on the bass guitar, you'll be able to produce a wider variety of sounds. The idea behind slap style [more…]

How to Play and Use Harmonics on a Bass Guitar

One drawback of tuning a bass guitar to a fixed reference pitch is that the reference notes are in a higher octave. If you know how to use harmonics to tune a bass guitar, you'll find it easier to compare [more…]

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