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Breathing Basics for Singing

Normal breathing involves a shallow inhalation and an even exhalation followed by a pause before it all starts again. But when you sing, breath control means taking your breathing off autopilot. You not [more…]

Drawing Light and Shadows

Light and shadows visually define objects. Before you can draw the light and shadows you see, you need to train your eyes to see like an artist.

Values are the different shades of gray between white and [more…]

Determining What You Need for Your Home Recording Studio

Home recording studios can vary tremendously. A home studio can be as simple as a cassette deck and an inexpensive microphone set up in the corner of your bedroom. Of course, you can opt for something [more…]

Beating the Bongos

When someone mentions playing bongos, you probably think of a beatnik poet embellishing his obscure poetry with flourishes on a pair of these little drums. Though this image may seem somewhat ridiculous [more…]

Stringing an Acoustic Guitar

One difference between changing guitar strings on and acoustic versus and electric guitar is that an acoustic uses removable bridge pins to hold the strings in place at the bridge. Bridge pins require [more…]

The Circle of Fifths: A Brief History

In the sixth century B.C., the Greek scholar and philosopher Pythagoras decided to try to make things easier for everyone by standardizing, or at least dissecting, musical tuning. He had already discovered [more…]

Drawing Geometric Perspective

Geometric perspective (sometimes called linearperspective) makes subjects in a drawing look like they recede into distant space, appearing smaller the farther they are away from you. [more…]

Greek Architecture: Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian?

For the Greeks, temples were not only places to worship the gods but also impressive symbols of their society and culture. They were built as focal points on the highest ground of every city in Greece [more…]

Ballet Moves: Demi-Pliés

The first ballet exercise at the barre is the small knee bend, or demi-plié ("duh-MEE plee-AY"). This article shows you how to perform a demi-plié from first, second, fourth, and fifth positions. [more…]

Miking the Drumset in Your Home Recording Studio

If you're like most musicians, getting great-sounding drum recordings seems like one of the world's great mysteries. You can hear big, fat drums on great albums, but when you try to record your drums, [more…]

Drawing the Furry, Fluffy, and Feathered

Drawing animals brings with it its own set of artistic difficulties. Most animals are always fully dressed. Their fashion statements vary from critter to critter, come in a variety of fashionable patterns [more…]

Storyboarding Your Film

Before you create your film storyboards, you have to perform certain tasks and make certain decisions. First, begin by evaluating your screenplay and picturing it in terms of separate shots that can be [more…]

The Design Elements of Composing a Drawing

Composition refers to the organization, arrangement, and combination of objects within the borders of a drawing space. For a great drawing, you want to bring the eyes of the viewer toward your center of [more…]

Understanding Installation Art

Installation art is difficult to describe. In principal, it means taking a large interior (the exterior can be part of an installation, too) and loading it with disparate items that evoke complex and multiple [more…]

Auditioning for an Acting Role: What to Expect

When you're called in for an acting audition, the people present at the audition will include you, the casting director, and maybe a handful of other complete strangers. Some of these other people may [more…]

Perfect Piano-Playing Hand Posture

Hand posture and comfort are vitally important while playing the piano or keyboard. Poor hand posture can cause your performance to suffer for two reasons: [more…]

Proper Hand Position for Playing Guitar

Guitars are user-friendly instruments. They fit comfortably into the arms of most humans, and the hand position that comes naturally is pretty much the position from which you should play. In this article [more…]

Exploring the AABA Form in Songwriting

The song form known as AABA was the form of choice in the first half of the 20th century. It's still used today in songwriting, but has fallen off in popularity. However, it's good to know this form because [more…]

Identifying the Fab Four Singing Voices

The four singing voice types are soprano, mezzo, tenor,and bass. Even though these names sound like characters in a mob movie, they're nothing to be afraid of. Under each voice type heading, you discover [more…]

Practicing Your Singing: Getting Started

If you truly want to become a great singer, you must practice using your singing voice. It's okay if you aren't sure what to do when you practice your singing. Knowing where to practice, when to practice [more…]

Guitar Basics: Strumming an Electric Guitar

Strumming means dragging a pick (or the fingers) across the strings of the guitar. You drag the guitar pick in a downward motion (toward the floor) to sound the chords formed by the left hand, but you [more…]

Creating Flesh Tones for Oil Painting

Because human flesh runs the color gamut from light to dark and pale to brilliant, re-creating flesh tones for your oil paintings can be one of the most difficult things to do. Many recipes for flesh tones [more…]

Fine-Tuning Your Acting Performance on Film

Acting in film and television can require a special set of acting skills. Film and television can show anything from two normal people eating a normal lunch to microscopic people swimming through someone's [more…]

How Film Shots Frame the Action in Film Making

In film making, shot compositions, sizes, and angles enhance how you tell your story. You may want a close-up when two actors are talking if the conversation is an intimate one. A wide, or [more…]

Holding Your Bass Guitar

If you watch other bass players, either live or on television, you may notice an array of different ways to hold a bass guitar. Some definitely look cooler than others, but you may have difficulty playing [more…]

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