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How to Prove You're Trustworthy on eBay with ID Verify

To show other eBay members that you’re an honest type — and to get special privileges when you’re a newbie on eBay — you can buy eBay's “trust but verify” option, known as [more…]

How to Protect High-Cost eBay Transactions with, eBay’s official escrow service, makes it more comfortable for an eBay buyer to proceed with transactions over $2000, which is the upper limit for PayPal buyer protection. Buyers gain peace [more…]

Deciding How to Insure Your eBay Merchandise when Shipping

It’s a good idea to insure the merchandise you sell on eBay against loss or damage; whether you self-insure an item or insure it through a major carrier generally depends on how much the item is worth. [more…]

Avoid These eBay Trading Violations

eBay buyers and sellers can commit trading violations by attempting to manipulate the outcome of an eBay auction or sale. Many of the violations aren't necessarily buyer- or seller-exclusive, but apply [more…]

Spotting eBay Bidding Violations and Problems

Nothing can ruin an eBay seller's day like a difficult bidder. Some eBay bidding violations, such as bid shielding, are unethical. But some eBay bidders, such as someone who asks questions that are clearly [more…]

How to Block Bidders and Cancel eBay Auctions

If you're running an eBay auction, eBay's bidder-management tools let you block buyers and cancel auctions. Remember, you don't have to accept bids from just anyone. Part of running an eBay business is [more…]

Protect Your eBay Transactions with Shipping Insurance

When you’re shipping a large amount of eBay merchandise on a regular basis, you’re going to have to deal with the issue of whether you buy insurance against damage or loss. You, as the seller, are responsible [more…]

How to File an Insurance Claim with the U.S. Postal Service

Making a claim with the post office for your lost eBay items: Oh man, talk about a hassle. But making a claim with any carrier isn’t a bowl of cherries on any day. Before making a claim with the USPS, [more…]

How to File an Insurance Claim with UPS

Whoa! The stories of filing claims with UPS are legendary. Almost any eBay seller can tell you quite a story. Making a claim with UPS is a good deal easier than making a claim with the post office. After [more…]

How to File an Insurance Claim with FedEx

FedEx gives you a little more leeway as to time when you file a claim for your lost eBay merchandise than other carriers. Instead of the 48-hours-after-delivery deadline, you have 15 business days to make [more…]

Intellectual Property Violations on eBay

If you own intellectual property that you think is being infringed upon by an item for sale on the eBay site, you should take advantage of the eBay Verified Rights Owner [more…]

The eBay Security Center

The Security Center is the eBay area that focuses on protecting eBay buyers and sellers from members who aren't playing by the rules. Through this department, eBay issues warnings and policy changes — [more…]

Buyers Are Safe When Shopping on eBay

One of the reasons people flock to the United States eBay marketplace is the eBay Buyer Protection policy. Under this policy, all purchases (with some exclusions listed here) are covered, and the buyer [more…]

eBay Selling Abuses You Should Report

If you're on eBay long enough, you're bound to find an abuse of the service. It may happen on an auction you're bidding on; or a seller whose listings compete with your items may do something really, really [more…]

eBay Bidding Abuses You Should Report

Some behavior isn't nice (no argument there), but it alsomay not be a violation of eBay rules — in which case, eBay can't do much about it. Here's a list of bidding abuses that eBay wants to know about [more…]

eBay Feedback Abuses You Should Report

All you have on eBay is your reputation, and that reputation is made up of your feedback history. eBay takes any violation of its feedback system very seriously. Because eBay's feedback is transaction [more…]

eBay Identity Abuses You Should Report

Who you are on eBay is as important as what you sell (or buy). eBay monitors the identities of its members closely — and asks that you report any great pretenders in this area to Customer Support. Here's [more…]

eBay Operational and Miscellaneous Abuses You Should Report

Before you even consider blowing the whistle on someone by reporting him or her to eBay, make sure that what you're encountering is actually a misuse of eBay. Note that the reporting system is monitored [more…]

Stuff eBay Won't Do Anything About

People are imperfect everywhere, even online. You probably won't agree with some of the behavior that you run into on eBay (ranging from slightly annoying to just plain rotten). Although much of that conduct [more…]

Deeds That Can Get You Suspended from eBay

Playing by eBay's rules keeps you off the eBay's Security radar screen. If you start violating eBay policy, the company is going to keep a close eye on you. Depending on the infraction, eBay may be all [more…]

eBay's Resolution Center

The second that you complain about an eBay seller who's taken money but hasn't delivered the goods, an investigation team gets in gear. The Resolution Center is where you can go to file a formal complaint [more…]

How to Report Abuses to eBay Security

If you suspect a seller of abusing eBay's rules and regulations, you can report him or her directly on the item page. Look to the far right of tabs above the description on the page of the item in question [more…]