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Common Expression Blend Keyboard Shortcuts

A great way to increase your creativity and productivity in Expression Blend is to learn the keyboard shortcuts for the most common commands. The following table lists the shortcuts that you’ll use often [more…]

Common Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

You can access many of the features you use in Visual Studio to create a Silverlight application through keyboard shortcuts. Here are the common shortcuts to help you accomplish tasks quickly in Visual [more…]

Silverlight 4 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Silverlight 4 is part of a new family of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that provides graphics, animation, audio, and video — all the features necessary to provide users with the dynamic experience they [more…]

Using Notepad to Format Your Web Page

One way to create and edit Web pages on your own computer is to use a text editor, such as NotePad, which lets you format your page using HTML tags.

Using NotePad to work in HTML, you enter your text, add [more…]

How to Add Sound to Your Web Site Using HTML

There are plusses and minuses of adding sound to your Web page, but if you decide adding sound is of value to your Web page visitors, HTML offers two competing ways to add it: with the [more…]

How to Add Video to Your Web Site in Notepad

If you are creating your Web page in an HTML editor, such as Notepad, you can include video for your Web site visitors. The easiest way to add video to your Web page, is to offer a link to a video you [more…]

How to Avoid Common Web Design Errors

When you are designing your own Web page, you want to create attractive pages that load quickly so your visitors keep coming back. Of the many design mistakes you can make, three of the most common among [more…]

How to Organize Your Web Page with Tables and Frames

Using tables and frames on your Web page helps you present information to your site visitors in an organized manner. Tables are a layout tool for data tables on Web pages, but the table capability for [more…]

How to Create a Simple Table on Your Web Page

Tables let you organize information on your Web page and give it an organized look that your visitors will find useful. When used as intended, tables have rows and columns. For each spot where a row and [more…]

How to Set Up an HTML Web Page in Notepad

When you first create a Web page, you need to do a certain amount of setup. Working directly in HTML using Notepad, you must enter the needed tags yourself. The tags you have to create in Notepad are of [more…]

How to Format Web Text in Notepad

If you use Notepad to build your Web page you can use the HTML capabilities described here to format your Web page text. Formatting your text involves setting up headings, choosing fonts and font sizes [more…]

How to Create HTML Lists in Notepad

Including lists on your Web pages is good design. Lists are interesting to look at, easy to scan, and inspire you to write short, punchy phrases. Follow these steps to create a list in Notepad: [more…]

How to Create External Web-Page Links in Notepad

If you’re building a hypertext link to an external Web page in Notepad, you should know it’s built a bit like an iceberg: It has a visible part (the link text, which appears as blue, underlined text by [more…]

How to Add Images to Your Web Page in CoffeeCup

A Web page without any images is dull indeed. CoffeeCup HTML Editor makes it easy to spice up your page with images. Follow these steps to insert a graphic in your Web page in CoffeeCup: [more…]

How to Create a Navigation Bar

Creating a simple text navigation bar on your Web site is useful. Even a simple navigation bar consisting of text is the difference between a Web site and an unconnected mass of Web pages. Creating a navigation [more…]

How to Create a Text Navigation Bar in HTML

Including a navigation bar helps your readers find information on your site. If you are building your Web page in an HTML text editor, the coding to create a navigation bar is easy. Here’s an example of [more…]

How to Format Your Web Page Text in CoffeeCup

CoffeeCup Code Editor makes it easy for you to format the text on your Web page. You can add headings of various levels, and bold or italics to text for emphasis all without having to know and enter HTML [more…]

Using HTML to Code Your Web Pages

HTML lets you add descriptive tags to your Web page text, to change its appearance, or create lists, tables, links, and so on. HTML is designed to be something that humans can read [more…]

Ten Places to Host Your Page

Where to host your Web site is always a good question. And these days, with so many different kinds of Web services, the very definition of a Web site is under question. So here are ten places to host [more…]

How to Resize and a Screen Capture for Your Web Page

To add graphics to your Web page, you may need to create a screen capture, and you will probably want to resize it to keep the file size small so your Web page loads more quickly. There are scores of graphics [more…]

Tips for Using Graphics on Your Web Page

Designing your Web site isn’t rocket science, but you need to use common sense with graphics. Avoid these three big mistakes when designing your site and read on for additional tips: [more…]

The Flash Professional CS5 Tools Panel

The Flash Professional CS5 Tools panel contains all the tools you need to draw and edit objects. At the bottom of the Tools panel are options that modify how the tools function. Shortcuts appear in brackets [more…]

Flash Professional CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Menu Commands

Many Flash Professional CS5 menu commands offer keyboard shortcuts. The shortcuts are displayed on the menus, next to the command name. The most commonly used Flash Professional CS5 keyboard shortcuts [more…]

Questions to Ask Before Joining a Network Marketing Company

Asking the right questions can help you decide whether you want to become part of a network marketing company. Ask the following questions (before you invest your money) to get some information you need [more…]

Dreamweaver CS5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

New features in Dreamweaver CS5 make easy work out of adding complex design elements and help you collaborate on Web site design and content. Dreamweaver CS5 has streamlined or improved common tasks to [more…]

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