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Ruby on Rails For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Ruby on Rails is an open source framework you can use to build Web sites and Web-based databases. Of course, as with any programming language, you need to know Ruby’s keywords and Rail’s naming conventions [more…]

How to Create an Effective Home Business Web Site

Your home business’s Web site may look great, but if it’s not helping you sell more products and services, it’s a waste of your time and money. Here are some tried-and-true ways to build a Web site that’s [more…]

Quick Steps for Planning a Web Site

If you’re designing a Web site yourself, you may be tempted to jump right into the design. However, scoping out what you need your site to do lays the groundwork for all the Web design work that follows [more…]

How to Optimize Images for Your Web Site

No matter how great the content on your Web pages, the images attract the most attention. The keys to optimizing images so they download quickly from your Web pages are [more…]

Web Sites to Help Do-It-Yourself Web Designers

Use this handy reference to find Web sites to help you with the many aspects of Web design. Next to each Web site name is its address, which you can click to point your browser to that site. [more…]

Web Sites Do-It-Yourself For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you want to create a new Web site from scratch or want to update an old design, you can do it yourself. But before you jump into your Web site design, take time to read through the quick steps [more…]

Outsourcing BuddyPress Programming and Design

Several talented consultants can help you get your WordPress MU and BuddyPress community up and running with some custom programming and design work. The following table lists these consultants and provides [more…]

BuddyPress For Dummies Cheat Sheet

BuddyPress is free, open-source software that you can download, install, and use to build your own social community on your WordPress-powered Web site. To do this, you need a basic understanding of BuddyPress’s [more…]

Flash Tool Modifier Shortcuts

The Flash tools you use to create dynamic Web sites have modified settings that enable you do even more. Have a look at the following tables to see how you can modify Flash tools and use shortcuts to achieve [more…]

Flash Tips for Creating Web Site Content

If you're building a Web site, you need to use Flash to keep your site visually interesting for viewers. Whether you want to make text fly off the page or show a video, Flash is the way to go. The following [more…]

The Flash Toolbar and Its Keyboard Shortcuts

Using Flash not only jazzes up your Web site, it has handy tools to help you do it — and a shortcut for each tool. The Flash toolbar, shown in following figure, shows the shortcut keys in parentheses next [more…]

The Flash Actions Panel

The Flash Actions panel helps you add pizzazz to your Web site with animation, interactivity, and more. Use the Flash actions panel, shown below, to add lines, compose ActionScript, and add and subtract [more…]

Building Flash Web Sites For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Building Flash Web sites offers you multiple ways to keep eyes on your page. The Flash toolbar and actions panel help you add animation, video, and dynamic text. Plus, many Flash tools have dual functions [more…]

Dreamweaver CS4 Toggle Command Shortcuts

Sometimes you'll need to switch between two settings creating Web sites with Dreamweaver. To do so, you use Dreamweaver toggle commands —via these Mac and PC keyboard shortcuts — to get you back and forth [more…]

Dreamweaver CS4 Command Shortcuts

When designing Web pages in Dreamweaver CS4, these shortcut key commands will help get things done a lot faster. Working in Dreamweaver CS4 is more efficient when you use this chart for PC and Mac key [more…]

Dreamweaver CS4 All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Dreamweaver CS4 helps you create professional, attractive, user-friendly Web sites. Knowing the PC and Mac shortcuts for basic and toggle commands in Dreamweaver CS4 will get you moving quickly and efficiently [more…]

Common CSS Properties in Microsoft Expression Web

This table represents the Expression Web properties you specify to use in the New/Modify Style dialog box and the CSS Properties task pane. (This table does not include all CSS properties available in [more…]

Microsoft Expression Web For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Working to design and maintain a Web site with Microsoft Expression Web is easier once you know how to specify and use the common CSS Properties. [more…]

Glossary of Local Online Advertising Terms

To be successful at local online advertising, you have to understand how it works, and for that, you need to understand online advertising jargon. The following list defines some of the more commonly used [more…]

Tips for Building a Website for Your Local Business

Regardless of what local online advertising channels you ultimately choose to employ for your business, it’s safe to say that if you don’t have a strong Web site, achieving local online advertising success [more…]

Great Local Online Advertising Resources

Seeking guidance about how to advertise on the Internet in your area? The following list provides some free resources to help you get additional information on a variety of local online advertising topics [more…]

Local Online Advertising For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As more consumers look online for local products and services (particularly using search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing), local businesses are realizing that advertising online is a necessity. Of [more…]

JavaScript Basic Cross-Browser Document Object Model

Like any other language, JavaScript has its own grammar and syntax — rules you need to follow to be understood. The following document object hierarchy lists the built-in objects you can work with in client-side [more…]

JavaScript Object Terms

JavaScript is an object-based language. To understand how to interact with the document object model you work with in JavaScript, you need to understand some basic object-related terms. The following table [more…]

Troubleshooting JavaScript

JavaScript is a wonderful tool to use to create interesting and interactive Web pages, but every once in a while nothing works and you have no idea where to start to get things moving again. Not to worry [more…]

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