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Downloading Professional Images Inexpensively

Professional photographs and graphics can transform a simple Web page design into a professional online presentation. But high-quality images can be pricey. For professional, royalty-free images without [more…]

Giving Search Engines Something to Read

You don't necessarily have to pick through the HTML code for your Web page to evaluate how search-engine-friendly it is. You can find out a lot just by looking at the Web page in the browser. Determine [more…]

Addressing Ajax Design Issues

Ajax is a new ball of wax when it comes to Web applications, and as such, new rules about how the interface should and shouldn't work are emerging. Those rules have not been formalized yet, but the Ajax [more…]

Considering a Flickr Site

Photo sharing is one of the greatest uses of the Web. Flickr is the most popular photo-sharing Web site around, largely because it's so easy to use.

Photos have a mixed track record on the Web. Scanning [more…]

Streamlining Your Web Site's Navigation

A good Web site is designed so that users can navigate easily and intuitively and create their own paths to find the information most relevant to them. As you start to work on the design for your Web pages [more…]

Get Set: HTML Horse Sense

People used to refer to common sense as "horse sense." Most things about HTML fall under the realm of horse sense. After you see HTML tags a few times, most of the rules [more…]

Linking Basics

Web hyperlinks — the connections that let you go from one Web page to another with a single click — are the key to what makes the Web great. They also can be a bit complicated to create, test, and maintain [more…]

Figuring Out How Content Ad Placement Works

PPC as a business began with search-engine placement; ads are placed on search-results pages after someone searches, based on the keywords the person entered into the search engine. [more…]

Trekking through Web Design Tips

The majority of Flash movies end up on Web sites. To help ensure that your Web site is as attractive and useful as possible, consider these pearls of wisdom, some of which apply to all Web sites and others [more…]

Debugging Your ActionScript

When you design a Flash Web site, you need to ensure that your interface, and every movie that loads into it, plays flawlessly and that your ActionScript executes without a hitch. If you can see what's [more…]

Figuring Out What XML Is Good For

Case studies of XML never fail to mention new and exciting possibilities where XML adds value to existing environments — or solves previously intractable problems. That's probably why XML applications [more…]

Editing Images in Dreamweaver MX 2004

New features in Dreamweaver enable you to make minor image editing inside Dreamweaver, without opening Fireworks or any other graphics-editing program. These tools are available from the Properties inspector [more…]

Supporting Your PPC Campaign with Keyword Analysis

The foundation of all search-engine work is a keyword analysis. Doing a keyword analysis is really not that complicated and can mean the difference between success and failure to your PPC campaign. [more…]

Analyzing the Anatomy of URLs

A URL (pronounced You-Are-Ell), or Uniform Resource Locator, is a fancy way of saying an address for information on the Internet. If you hear URL, just think [more…]

Noting What's New in Dreamweaver MX 2004

All those requests you make to Macromedia, all that wishful thinking. . . believe it or not, they heard you and many of the little — and not so little — things we all have been wanting in this program [more…]

Exploring the New Dreamweaver MX 2004 Interface

With Dreamweaver MX, Macromedia integrated ColdFusion and HomeSite into one single, powerful interface, though you had the choice of working with that new interface or with the old Dreamweaver 4 interface [more…]

Seed Your Wiki with Info to Attract Users

Users consider a wiki to be useful if it has a clear goal and some information already in place. Take Wikipedia, for example. When you visit a topic, you see a concise, coherent entry on a particular subject [more…]

Managing Server Access with Contribute

In order to control workflow, Contribute installs a file in a specific folder at the root of any Web site you connect to. This file, called the Shared Settings File, enables Contribute to store all the [more…]

Testing Your Work with the Dreamweaver CS3 Site Reporting Feature

The Dreamweaver CS3 Site Reporting feature enables you to find — and fix — site problems before you go live with your Web site. You can create a variety of reports and even customize them to identify problems [more…]

Designing a Media-Friendly Web Site

Everybody knows it makes sense to be customer driven when designing a Web site, especially if you're doing business online. For a company doing PR, an important application of technology on the Web is [more…]

Finding Out about Frames

Frames divide a browser window into several parts, just as a window (the glass kind) can be divided into several panes. Each frame (or pane) consists of an individual HTML document. In effect, using frames [more…]

Saddling Up with HTML Horse Sense

People used to refer to common sense as "horse sense." Most things about HTML fall under the realm of horse sense. After you see HTML tags a few times, most of the rules [more…]

Looking Into Text and Tags

HTML documents contain text that you're working with and tags that determine document elements such as headings, lists, and paragraphs. In addition, HTML tags enable other objects, such as images; style [more…]

Keeping in Touch with Design Notes

Design Notes are ideal for communicating with other developers who are working on your Web site, but aren't within shouting distance. This Dreamweaver feature works like the [more…]

Popular Web Hosting Services for Your eBay Store

If you're looking for a Web-hosting service for your online eBay business, before deciding on a company, you should check out the different services available. Here are some of the better-known Web hosting [more…]

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