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JavaScript and HTML

You can think of JavaScript as an extension to HTML; an add-on, if you will.

Here's how it works. HTML tags create objects; JavaScript lets you manipulate those objects. For example, you use the HTML <BODY> [more…]

Why You Should Add PayPal to Your Web Site

If you think PayPal is just for eBay sales, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to get revenue (or more revenue) from your Web site. If you're not already selling products from your Web site [more…]

Constructing a Press Kit

A press kit is a collection of written materials designed to introduce an expert or a company to the media. Often these materials are contained in an attractive folder and accompanied by a cover letter [more…]

How to Build a Website: The Home Page

Plan your home page carefully when you build your website. The contents on your home page can determine whether people will dive into your other pages — or whether they stay on your website, at all! But [more…]

Creating a Rollover Image in Dreamweaver CS3

In Dreamweaver, Rollover images — as the name implies — are designed to react when someone rolls a cursor over an image. The effect can be as dramatic as a picture of a dog being replaced by a picture [more…]

Timing Google's Crawl

Google crawls the Web at varying depths and on more than one schedule. The so-called deep crawl occurs roughly once a month. This extensive reconnaissance of Web content requires more than a week to complete [more…]

Taking a Tumble with CSS

What does the term cascade mean for style sheets? It means that a CSS rule tumbles down through the code, and sometimes bumps into a conflicting rule.

The cascade is about what programmers call [more…]

Borrowing Winning Web Site Ideas

All good Web sites grow and evolve. If you start with a strong design and pay close attention to some basic rules about interface, navigation, and style, you have a better foundation to build on. The following [more…]

Adding QuickTime Video Files to a Web Page

Many different multimedia formats exist, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. But no other multimedia format is as widely accepted, capable, or supported by so many different multimedia and Web [more…]

Thinking Your Web Page Through

A Web page or Web site is basically a publication, though an interactive one. Thinking about a few simple principles now, before you start, can help make your Web page much more interesting and useful [more…]

Searching for an Available Domain Name

You can register any domain name for your Web site that hasn't already been taken by someone else. Finding out whether a name is already in use is easy — and free. To see whether a domain name is already [more…]

Playing with Active Text in Flash

Static text gets the job done, giving information to your Web site visitors. But Flash can do so much more with text. Sometimes you don't want your text to be text at all, but rather prefer a bunch of [more…]

Specifying Size and Position with CSS

In a CSS style definition (or rule), you can describe positions and sizes in many ways, using may different units of measurement. You can often choose whatever unit you want, although certain specific [more…]

Using a Blog to Promote Your Web Store

In essence, having a blog is like having a conversation with your customers if they came through your door in a retail setting. Many store owners use their blogs to discuss new inventory purchases, upcoming [more…]

Understanding the Integration of ColdFusion and Dreamweaver

Before the MX version, Dreamweaver was largely geared toward the basics of HTML editing, such as creating and editing tables, graphics placement, text editing, and some basic site management tools. With [more…]

Looking Into Winning E-Commerce Strategies

When it gets right down to it, what you really want to know is how you can make sure your business succeeds at e-commerce. Getting the e-commerce end of your business off the ground isn't a walk in the [more…]

Avoiding Web Design Blunders

Simply cruise the Web — especially areas with lots of personal pages, like the GeoCities site or AOL's Hometown area — and you can find many examples of badly designed pages. But what is it that makes [more…]

Tapping Timesaving Dreamweaver Tips

Even the best programs get better when you know how to make the most of them. Take a moment to check out these tips and save tons of time in developing your Web site. Most of these tips apply to both Macintosh [more…]

Understanding Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

With PPC, you're not paying for a promise, and you're not paying to load an ad onto a page. You're paying for an actual result, a click. With PPC, you don't pay if nobody sees your ad, and you don't even [more…]

Talking Templates in Dreamweaver

Many Web design programs boast about their HTML templates. What they really mean is that they include some ready-made page designs with the program. Dreamweaver takes this concept a few leaps further by [more…]

Optimizing before Building Your Site

A fully optimized site is not built from the outside in — in other words, as a visitor conceives it. Instead, you build an optimized site from key concepts and keywords, and its pages never stray from [more…]

Publicizing Your Site

Getting people to come to your site can be very easy, or very difficult. The main thing that makes it seem hard to get traffic is your own set of expectations. If you expect huge numbers of visitors [more…]

Taking an Existing Business Online

Planning is everything! You have a much better chance for success when you map out a strategy for selling online than when you just put up a Yahoo! Store and hope to sell something. There are major differences [more…]

Considering META Tags

One of the most interesting, and controversial, tags in HTML is the META tag. That's because META tags affect how your Web page appears in search engines, and some people go to great lengths to have their [more…]

Poisoning the Google Spider

You can always find someone who wants to stray from the straight and narrow. Yes, they are some silly folks who engage in risky optimization tactics intended to artificially inflate PageRank, manipulate [more…]

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